School Success

Understand Ages & Stages

Teens in graduation caps and gownsNo one kid is alike—if you have more than one child, you know this firsthand. Some kids love school and everything about it—challenging homework assignments, after-school activities, and even taking tests. Others may struggle with schoolwork, while some are capable of earning higher grades but just don’t like school itself.

You have probably heard some variation of “But when will I ever use this?” from your kids, most likely while helping them with a particularly difficult or frustrating homework assignment. And your child may be right—it’s very possible that mastering long division by hand isn’t a necessary life skill—but you know how valuable it is for your child to put in a reasonable effort, care about grades, and feel a connection to school.

Not only is it important to help your child connect to school for the sake of education itself, it’s helpful for you and your child to understand how the level of education reached translates to wages earned once your child enters the adult workforce.

Why College Matters

In today’s world, a college degree is becoming a requirement for career-track jobs that pay a living wage and provide opportunity for promotion. College isn’t limited to four-year colleges, however. At community and technical colleges, a student can earn a two-year associate degree or obtain a certificate in a specialized field to prepare for a career.

Parents, grandparents, and other caring adults play a critical role in a child’s education. It’s common for parents to assume that our children’s education is the sole responsibility of schools, but research has shown that education is most effective when parents and schools work together. Yet, it can be overwhelming and confusing for parents to know what they can do to help their child be college-ready. By practicing a few simple steps for preparing your kids for school, and doing what you can to encourage learning outside of school, you’ll be helping your child succeed in school—and in life!