Express Care: Talk About It

How Do You Show You Care in Your Family?

Father, son, and daughter talkingDifferent families express care in different ways. The ways we do it can depend on our individual personalities and preferences, our backgrounds, and the ages of our kids. Sometimes it depends on the day! But we all need to know we care about each other. Use these discussion-starter questions to talk about it together.

Discussion Starters with Your Kids

  1. Tell about a time when someone wasn’t really listening that led to a funny moment. It might be in your extended family, among friends, at school, or at work.
  2. When are times you've felt close as a family? Where were you? What were you doing? What made that time memorable?
  3. What sacrifices have others made for you or your family? How have those sacrifices or investments affected your life?
  4. What’s something you really enjoy doing that you haven’t had a chance to do lately? What do you enjoy about it?
  5. Who are people you really trust? What do they do that helps you trust them?

Discussion Starters with Other Parenting Adults*

  1. What are meaningful ways that you express care in your family, culture, or tradition?
  2. Which of the five areas of expressing care are most comfortable for you? Which areas are most challenging?
  3. How has expressing care changed as your kids have grown up? How have you adjusted?
  4. What are ways you maintain your warmth, dependability, and interest when your kids do things that you really don’t enjoy—or even that you disapprove of?

* These parenting adults may include your spouse or partner, extended family members, friends who are parents, or a parent group or class.

Next Steps

  • Learn about what it means and why it is important to express care.
  • Try activities for expressing care in your family relationships.