Challenge Growth: Talk About It

The Challenge of Challenging Growth

Mother and son walking and talkingChallenging growth focuses on the ways we encourage, inspire, push, or otherwise influence each other to try new things, take risks, work on goals, or overcome obstacles and challenges. These discussion starters can help you think about how challenging growth works—or doesn’t work—in your family.

Discussion Starters with Your Kids

  1. How has someone inspired you to take on a new challenge? What was inspiring to you about it? What was hard about it?
  2. How does challenging other people to grow either strengthen or hurt your relationship? And how does having a strong relationship make it easier or harder to push people to learn and grow?
  3. What are ways other family members have challenged you to learn and grow? How did you respond? What made it easier or harder to keep working toward completing the task or achieving the goal?
  4. In what ways have you challenged other people to do things that would help them learn and grow? How did they respond?
  5. What are some challenges we’ve faced together in our family? In what ways did we grow in the midst of those challenges?

Discussion Starters with Other Parenting Adults*

  1. Throughout our lives as parents, we’ve had to challenge our kids to take on new challenges and grow. What have been some of the most rewarding times you’ve had in challenging growth? What have been some of the hardest?
  2. Challenging our kids to grow can be tricky. On the one hand, pushing our kids to take on challenges helps them grow. On the other hand, we hope they will work on goals because they want to. How do we live with that tension?
  3. What is the hardest part about challenging our kids to grow and learn? What has helped you work through these difficult areas?
  4. How do we respond when our kids disappoint us by not living up to a challenge or expectation? How do they respond?
  5. Who are the people who challenge you to learn and grow as a parent? What do they say or do that really helps you keep going, even when it’s tough?

* These parenting adults may include your spouse or partner, extended family members, friends who are parents, or a parent group or class.

Next Steps

  • Learn about what it means and why it is important to challenge growth.
  • Try activities for challenging growth in your family relationships.