Exploring Your Spark

How would you describe your spark?

Exploring and developing your own sparks is a lively way to make sure you get the “me-time” you need. You’ll also be giving your children a great role model to follow, especially when you show them how to work hard on your sparks and move through any disappointments or failures.

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Thinking about Your Own Sparks

Remember that old childhood taunt of “It takes one to know one”? That certainly applies to sparks. In order to help your child explore and work on their sparks, it’s going to be helpful to be in touch with your own sparks, too. You can use these questions to guide you in some self-reflection about your own interests and passions or to help you spice up your own life with a new spark or a recharged spark from your past.

Ask Yourself:

  • When you are not working, caring for children, or doing chores at home, how do you usually spend your time?
  • If you suddenly had a free weekend, with no work, no chores, no kids to take care of, what would you love to do? (besides take a nap!)
  • When you’re really busy with the basics of life, what are the activities you wish you had more time to do?
  • When you were your children’s ages, what were your sparks? Can you remember?
  • Did you get support for your sparks from the caring adults in your life when you were a child? What did they do that helped?
  • Do you and your children share any of the same sparks?
  • Are there any interests you had when you were younger that you’d like to do again?

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