Your Family Spark Journey

Spark [spärk] noun 1. an individual’s deepest passions and interests that give them meaning, focus, joy and energy.

Adding Sparks to Your Vocabulary

You’ve seen that there are many ways to help your children explore, identify, and develop their sparks. But all of that starts by having a spark conversation. Use the conversation starters below include helpful tips on finding the right moment to have the conversation, how to start (and keep) kids talking, and how to follow through afterward.

Conversation Starter 1: You're really good at this!

Conversation Starter 2: This seems to make you happy.

Conversation Starter 3: Have you ever thought of?

Conversation Starter 4: I had a really great day today!

Watch the video in the right sidebar to see a family talking about their child’s sparks in three different ways. Ask yourself: What is different in each clip? How do you communicate about sparks with your family? Are you missing any opportunities?