Your Child's Spark

Spark [spärk] noun 1. an individual’s deepest passions and interests that give her or him meaning, focus, joy and energy.

Exploring Sparks

Whether your kids already know at least one of their sparks or not, exploring possibilities leads to a richer life of involvement in multiple activities. Consider these simple tips for helping you explore, identify, and develop your child's sparks:

Identifying Sparks

  • Start some “spark conversations” with your children. Talk about what a spark is, then ask whether they have one and what it is—you might be surprised at the answers. And notice especially if there is something new they would like to try; many of us learn and grow into our sparks. Be ready to share what your sparks are, too.
  • Ask yourself these questions as you look for clues about your children’s sparks:
    • What is the activity you have to make them stop doing to get them to eat or go to sleep?

      What activity are they doing when they seem most engaged and alive?

      When they get to choose what to do on a free afternoon, what activity do they choose?

      What did they really love to do when they were 3 years old? 5 years old?

Developing Sparks

As a parent or caregiver, you have great influence on helping your children be confident in their identity and strengths. Encourage them intentionally about their interests and efforts. Your acceptance and coaching is priceless.

But also remember that connecting a child with other caring adults, especially those who are experienced in their sparks, can give your child a boost in spark development.

Make it a goal to find more spark supporters for your daughter or son. Get Tips for Connecting to Community.