Who Needs SYTN?

Parents Need Say Yes to No

  • Do you struggle to set and enforce limits?
  • Do you feel like your approach is inconsistent?
  • Do cell phones or screen time cause conflict in your family or disrupt your connection with your kids?
  • Learn how Say Yes to No can help you >

    Kids Need Say Yes to No

    Kids are incredibly persuasive and persistent. Saying No to them can be hard, especially if you think that everyone else is saying Yes. But it's not just about saying No, it's about teaching your kids to say No to themselves. Learn More >

    Families Need Say Yes to No

    Say Yes to No (SYTN) is a parent education program that gives you tools and confidence to navigate the power struggles and restore some sanity and balance in your household. It’s a 5-part workshop series, based on an award-winning book, that brings parents together to learn from and support each other. Learn More >

    Educators Need Say Yes to No

    You know what happens in the home directly impacts what happens in the classroom. By supporting STYN, you're helping parents raise more self-reliant kids--which makes your job easier. Learn More >

    Schools Need Say Yes to No

    Student behavior affects everything from school spirit to test scores. Say Yes to No engages and supports parents and helps them raise kids who bring more positive, productive attitudes and skills into the classroom. Learn More >

    Communities Need Say Yes to No

    Say Yes to No helps create parents who feel more connected, confident, and capable. And kids who are more patient, self-reliant and responsible. The entire community is a happier, healthier place. Learn More >