Making Sparks Fly: Help Kids Tap Into Their Inner Passions by Igniting Your Own

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Get Fired Up: Find out what sparks are and why they're so important to your child's successful development.
  • Catch a Spark: Learn how to reignite your own sparks & how to help your child find theirs.
  • Fan the Flames: Discover useful tips for nourishing and nurturing your child’s sparks.
  • Make Sparks Fly: Learn how to light up your corner of the world by helping your school and community embrace the power of knowing and nurturing kids' sparks!
  • About the Expert

    Liv Lane, daughter of the late Dr. Peter Benson, Search Institute’s former CEO and creator of the Sparks concept, calls herself a "Human Sparkler", a role in which she fulfills her bliss by helping women and youth illuminate and celebrate their passions and sense of purpose. Liv teaches e-courses for soulful entrepreneurs, writing and speaking about finding your spark, creating inspirational art, and blogging about it all. She lives in a suburb of Minneapolis with her husband, two young boys, one crazy dog, and an army of invisible angels. Find her online at and follow her Choosing Beauty blog.