The Perseverance Process Webinar Series

From October 2013 to January 2014, Dr. Kent Pekel, President and CEO of Search Institute, presented a series of webinars on helping young people cultivate habits of persistence to achieve academic and life goals. These webinars introduced the new Perseverance Process developed by Search Institute, which helps kids "stick" to their goals:

  • Start with sparks
  • Think forward, act now
  • Intelligence grows with effort
  • Complete the support card
  • Keep moving through obstacles

Did you miss the live webinar series? Watch the Perseverance Process video archive below.

1) The Perseverance Process: Discovering Your Child's Sparks

On the road to perseverance, a great starting place for parents is to learn about their children's sparks. Sparks are children's interests and passions—athletics, music, nature, reading, and numerous other topics—that keep them motivated and excited.

2) The Perseverance Process: Cultivating an Attitude of “Think Forward, Act Now” in Your Kids

Research shows that when the present self and the possible self are aligned, people are more willing to invest in the future and defer gratification in the present. Learn how to motivate your children to envision their best possible selves, then help them act upon what they need to do today to realize those possibilities for tomorrow.

3) Mindset and Intelligence: Improving Student Success through Persistence

Numerous personal, social, family, and economic factors contribute to how a child does over the span of a lifetime. However, many researchers consider people’s mental abilities to be malleable and capable of growth. Learn how students can be encouraged to take on a growth mindset that is based on the belief that one’s intellectual capabilities can be cultivated and improved through effort.

4) Student Support Cards: Help Connect Kids with What They Need to Succeed

Students and teachers have a lot of pressure to prove that academic standards are being met. Parents also free pressure to understand and support the academic expectations put on their children. The problem is, students are rarely asked if they are getting the support they need to achieve those academic goals. Even the most diligent parent may not know a child is feeling unsupported in a particular area of school until an obvious problem arises. Learn about how student “support cards” can inform instruction and strengthen supplemental services for young people in an organized, ongoing way.

5) Persevering Despite Obstacles: Strategies for Helping Young People Set Goals and Maintain Momentum

In this final webinar of the series, participants will learn how to help young people maintain their momentum. Get research-based strategies for assisting young people with setting goals and addressing obstacles and learn how to best support and challenge your children as they become more independent and persevere in reaching goals.

About the Expert

Kent Pekel, Ed.D., is President and CEO of Search Institute. He has been an educator and administrator who has worked at the school, district, state, federal and university levels. Much of Pekel’s work prior to joining Search Institute focused on providing all young people with a world-class education and on closing the large achievement gaps that exist between low-income students of color and their more affluent Caucasian peers. Learn more about Kent Pekel >>