Mentoring Youth: Tips for Getting Started and Staying Motivated

January is National Mentoring Month and the perfect time to connect your child with a mentor or become a mentor yourself. In this webinar participants will learn about:

  • the benefits of youth mentoring
  • the differences between formal and informal mentoring
  • factors that contribute to effective mentoring
  • how to start or connect with a mentoring program
  • follow-up resources to find a mentoring program near you

About the Expert

Gail Manza is a social worker who has spent much of her career as an advocate for children and youth. She also served for fifteen years as CEO of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, where she concentrated on grounding the nationwide expansion of youth mentoring in evidence-based best practices. Gail is the co-author, along with Susan K. Patrick, of The Mentor's Field Guide, and is currently completing a dissertation on how nonprofit leaders view and use evidence-base practice within the organizations they lead.