Got Grit? Help Your Child Develop a Sense of Perseverance

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As parents, we know how important perseverance is in sticking to a goal or completing a task. We naturally want our children to develop perseverance—or grit—in how they approach school and life. Yet, it can be difficult to close the gap between what our children aspire to do and what actions they take to reach those goals. In this webinar, participants will discover how to close that gap and why problems—and even failure—can teach kids how to succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations.

Learn about how the Perseverance Process can help motivate parents and kids to set and achieve goals. This webinar discusses the importance of

  • connecting one’s present self to a future self
  • establishing a growth mindset
  • discovering and discussing sparks—the interests that really motivate your child
  • practicing persistence, despite setbacks and problems
  • using a Support Card to complement a traditional report card

About the Expert

Kent Pekel, Ed.D., is President and CEO of Search Institute. He has been an educator and administrator who has worked at the school, district, state, federal and university levels. Much of Pekel’s work prior to joining Search Institute focused on providing all young people with a world-class education and on closing the large achievement gaps that exist between low-income students of color and their more affluent Caucasian peers. Learn more about Kent Pekel >>