The Power and Peril of Parenting Online: How to Empower Your Kids (and Protect Their Privacy) in a Digital World

Digital access has redefined the way teens communicate. Be a part of the dialogue on this hot topic and learn about best practices around Internet usage, texting, and social networking. Explore methods of using positive youth development principles to help teens create healthy practices as they navigate their digital world. You will also have the opportunity to hear from teens about their own experiences on the Internet. In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the benefits and dangers of parenting in the digital age.
  • Discover the importance of raising digitally responsible kids.
  • Find out how to empower your kids to use the Internet to build positive communities and work toward social change.
  • Learn how to protect your child from common dangers that are present in the online world.
  • For more digital citizenship resources, check out these links from our presenters:

    About the Experts

    Taekia Blackwell is the Managing Director of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), an entirely web-based nonprofit organization. As the HPA’s Managing Director, Blackwell helps to spearhead the organization’s social media strategy. Her job includes studying viral videos and meme development, emergent social media platforms, and crafting messages and building strategic partnerships with other online personalities. She also tweets—a lot. Blackwell has consulted and presented on the power of storytelling and social media for activism with groups like AIDemocracy and STAND.

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    As the Executive Director of Youth Institute & Curriculum Development at the YMCA of greater Long Beach, Les Peters develops and implements after-school and year-round programming for low-income inner city teens and youth, provides diversity training, and develops young people’s creative academic and social skills through the use of multimedia technology. Peters also oversees the Long Beach YMCA's internationally recognized Youth Institute Program and its 12 replication sites throughout California and South Dakota, including the Change Agent Productions project. Change Agent Productions is a social enterprise comprised of professional digital media artists who work alongside urban youth to carry out professional video productions, graphic design projects, and digital media trainings with attention to detail, quality, creativity and promptness.

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