Preparing Kids for College, Work, and Life: Why Parents Matter When It Comes to College Readiness

It's common for parents to assume that our children's education is the sole responsibility of schools, but research has shown that education is most effective when parents and schools work together. Yet, it can be overwhelming and confusing for parents to know what they can do to help their child be college-ready.

By practicing a few simple steps for preparing your kids for school, and doing what you can to encourage learning outside of school, you’ll be helping your child succeed in school—and in life!

In this webinar you will:

Learn why college readiness should be the goal for ALL students.

  • Learn why 4-year degrees aren’t for everyone.
  • Learn why some form of post-secondary education matters when it comes to getting a job.
  • Learn why college readiness prepares kids to compete in a global economy.

Learn what “college readiness” means.

  • Learn why “college” is not only defined as a degree from a 4-year institution, but also technical schools, community colleges, and trade schools.
  • Learn about the 5 kinds of readiness: academic, social, admission, career & financial.
  • Get concrete strategies for preparing your child to succeed in college and beyond.
  • Get research-backed action steps to start preparing your child right now.

Download the webinar toolkit.

About the Expert

Kent Pekel is President and CEO at Search Institute, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization. He leads a staff of 25 professionals who study the strengths and supports that thriving young people possess and who work with schools, families and communities across the United States and around the world to help all children develop those strengths and secure those supports. Prior to joining Search Institute, Pekel worked as an educator and an administrator at the school, district, state, federal and university levels. Most recently, he served as founding Executive Director of the University of Minnesota’s College Readiness Consortium, a new organization that leverages the resources of the university to increase the number and diversity of Minnesota students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and habits for success in college and other forms of postsecondary education. Learn more about Kent Pekel >>