Staying Connected When You're Apart

As a parent, there will be times when you’ll have to be away from your kids. Whether it’s for just a couple days or a few months, staying connected can make it easier to be away from your family. Try some of these tips for staying connected when you’re far away.

  • Give a journal to your child as a parting gift, and scatter your own encouraging comments, short poems, or photos of yourself as a young person throughout the pages.
  • Share the events of your day with your teenager and ask for their advice. This shows that you value her opinion—and you may really benefit from a new perspective. Get more tips on family communication >
  • Find out how your child uses e-mail, instant messaging, texting, social networking, blogging, and other newer forms of communication, and ask which he prefers to use to keep in touch. Find ways to keep in touch with him via these methods. If you have a younger child, you can also play games together online.
  • Leave or send a note of encouragement to your teenager about a specific performance, competition, test, or other event they will face in your absence. Be sure to check in on how it went and to give additional support.
  • Record yourself reading your child’s favorite bedtime stories for her to listen to in your absence.

It can be difficult spending time away from your family, but with the right mindset and some extra effort, you can stay close even when you’re far away. In addition to making you feel better about being away, your family will really appreciate that you’re going out of your way to stay in touch.




I feel this advice is excellent advice!! I believe it would be very useful and effective. I would also like to suggest that the adult buy themselves a journal that they can make entries into to the child while they are apart of thoughts had of the child, moments remembered, and feelings that they wish they could share if they were together. Also if the child is old enough buy him or her one also and write him/her a note on the first page telling them how much you’ll miss them and asking them to do the same for you for the period of time you will be apart. The journals will be your gifts to each other when you are reunited!! Reading them will cause you to shed a lot of tears but it will be rewarding!! You’ll learn what you missed and how much you were missed too!!


This has some really great suggestions. I really love the journal part of it, can’t believe i’ve never thought of it before!


Nice blog. Informative one.

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