Online Gaming Safety

If you don’t know much about your child’s video game systems or habits, now is the time to ask. Ask what she’s playing, and if she plays games online. Talk about how you will be monitoring her video game use and use the parental controls offered by the system manufacturer. Even if you aren’t very familiar with your child’s video gaming habits, you can still make sure that she stays safe.

Things to Watch For

  • Addiction—MMOs are more difficult to quit than standard console games because kids work with others in a constantly evolving world that never ends. Video game addiction is real and growing; see Video Game Addiction for more information.
  • Advertising—There are about 29 million kids between the ages of 8 and 14, and they have a combined purchasing power of $40 billion. This means that companies have a vested interest in selling to kids as well as entertaining them. Make sure kids have the knowledge they need to know when they’re being targeted by advertising.
  • Read about kids and advertising.
  • Online predators—Just like any online social environment, kids playing online games are at risk of being targeted by internet predators. Make sure to talk to your kids about what information is private and shouldn’t be shared online, and establish rules about online friends.
  • Netiquette—Some kids spend more time making fun of others online than they do advancing the game. Make sure you talk to your kids about what to do if they see something inappropriate online, establish basic rules of netiquette, and enforce consequences for irresponsible internet use.
  • Read about cyberbullying.
  • Inappropriate content—There are games that contain fun, age-appropriate content for kids of all ages. But be sure to check the ratings or play games before your child does—many popular games contain excessive amounts of violence, disrespect, and sexually explicit content.
  • Read about video game ratings.
  • Sharing—Be aware that kids can share just about anything online, including videos, audio, and even games that they have developed themselves. These things are difficult to control for content, so be very clear about your expectations for what your child shares—and views—online.

The online gaming world is expanding rapidly, and new advances in technology mean new things to watch out for. Keep the lines of communication with your child open—even when she’s engrossed in a game—and be sure to encourage positive decision-making by continuing to teach your child positive values.




Well this was a very good article when it comes to children and them playing games online but it is missing one very important thing that should not only be for children but adult’s as well because the online gaming community is a very scary unsafe place to a child so I wouldn’t recommend a child even be allow to play Xbox 360 until they are at least a teenager where they can handle being criticized cussed at humiliated and basically having every sexual comment being thrown out at you if your a female gamer. But the most important thing that children should be taught about gaming online is teaching them and showing them how to establish healthy Boundaries and what isn’t ok to talk about with the opposite sex so that they don’t find themselves in a emotional relationship because it can happen fairly quickly and sometimes right under your nose until it’s to late and they are attached. Having a emotional relationship can destroy you as well faster then any other unhealthy habit or relationship and the most dangerous because the scars can’t be seen they are invisible and you don’t even realize that you have scars because you become very withdrawn and don’t want to do anything other then just being friends! Also make sure that they aren’t playing your video games while you are asleep and being exposed to all kinds of sexually explicit material including nudity and girls and guys online and messing around and that is very disturbing because UNO is a child’s game and what would happen if that child’s parent is unaware of that fact it would traumatize him possibly causing him or her eventually to become withdrawn as well as learning to be disrespectful and are exposed to the opposite sex at a young age can lead to child molesters to roam those systems looking for vulnerable kids that are fighting with a parent or aren’t being excepted into the cliques online and just wants to be excepted and will do anything to become part of something and it’s all about feeling wanted and feeling excepted a part of something so we must ban together and help these children to know how to establish healthy bounderies and also how to be a Lady and Gent. and not a playa and pimp because that shouldn’t be excepted in society as normal because all that is being done is you are lowering yourself to be something that realistically is a person who has such low self-esteem and is seen as a loser and a man whore and ladies same for you! Life isn’t about how many sexual partners and experiences you can have


its ok but ive seen better they could be better in how the word it


very well put

My comment is that all children should have parent watch at all times!


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