Components of Social Networking

Social networks are created by complex interactions between many people. These interactions can take place through many different media online, and it can be very helpful to understand the different ways in which people can connect through social networking sites. Do you know about the different components of social networking? Click the "play" button on the presentation below and use the arrows to zoom in and out of each text area to to find out more about the components of social networking.

    These are just a few of the many different pieces that form the whole of online social networking. New ways to interact with others are being created all the time, so it’s important to maintain open communication with your child about her social networking. Ask how she’s communicating with her friends, and if it’s through a new type of online social networking, ask her to show you.



On the presentation, there is an error. Where it says what’s ok/not okay to post on your profile, it gives the same information for both. Other than that, it’s a good presentation.

Is it possible that social networking is affecting the academic performance in schools?

this site made the bond between me and my son tighter

Great post

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