Online Safety: An Introduction

E-Parenting: Online Safety

They connect to it. They download from it. They watch on it. They listen to it. They play on it. They surf on it. They converse with it. Do you know how to monitor it? It can be hard to keep up when today’s inventions are tomorrow’s antiques, but we want our kids to be safe online, and with the amount of time kids spend online, it’s crucial that you do what you can to keep them safe.

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  • Did You Know?

    • Kids who are educated in the importance of online safety are more likely to take steps to keep themselves safe online than kids who aren’t educated.1
    • One out of five teenagers use their cell phones to go online.2Of those who do, one out of five say their parents don’t know that they do this.3
    • One half of all teenagers post their real age on social networking sites.4 Two out of five post the name of the city where they live.5
    • While 25 percent of 13- to 15-year-olds think it’s unsafe to post personal stuff online, only 14 percent of 16- to 18-year-olds feel the same way.7
    • Two out of five teenagers are exposed to pornography online.8
    • Two out of three teenagers say that cyberbullying is a serious problem.10 One out of three say that online bullying is worse than being bullied in person.11


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    I just joined the True Care BzzCampaign
    Social networking can be fun, but it also can be dangerous, especially for children. Cyber bullying, child predators and embarrassing content are just a few of the hazards they face. TrueCare helps protect your children online 24/7 by monitoring their social networking accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. When potential issues arise, TrueCare sends out e-mail alerts, notifying you of the questionable content.

    This is a great tool for keeping an eye on what your kids are doing online. It gives an extra layer of protection by alerting parents to questionable activities on the internet. We all know there are bullies and predators out there, and want to protect our kids as best we can. Another great opportunity from BzzAgent, the website that allows you to try new and useful products for free, in exchange for word of mouth and online reviews! It’s free to join, too! I’ve gotten some AMAZING things over the last few years, and so can you!


    This research is great to know. It really helps to contextualize the problem, know what we are really talking about here. Part of the problem with parenting children that are fluent in the technology of today is that their parents are still learning the lingo. I believe that education is empowerment, but where to turn when there are so many voices, many of them trying to sell you a product? The Internet Safety Project is a website that offers simple and straightforward information about the internet and technology. Its like the wikipedia for internet safety. Its clear and unbiased, and a great resource for parents, kids, and educators.

    this was not helpful

    i like your writing about internet safety, it really does help me know what to do if something like that came up on me like that on the internet, it makes me feel safe knowing what to do so thank you.

    your newest blog buddy.

    no more cyber bullying and stop stalking people


    this isnt good

    i really like this website

    ya i like this web site cause itets people know why they should not get involved of any tipe of bullying or any drama. and if some ones picking on you, you should atleast go and tell a trusted adult cause they may be able to help you but if you dont and if you just hide it then the persons just gonna keep picking with you.

    I don’t like the internet much at all. Another reason is too, it is so expensive to pay for your cable company every month to get connected. I l also have seen illegal content on the net, such as TV Shows, Music, etc. I also believe that downloading is piracy and illegal in the USA. The best kid site I prefer to everyone is “Kidzui” it is a Internet browser for kids. Ask your parents to download it. I use it all the time. Best part is, it blocks stores, downloads, adult content, e-mail contacts, etc. It is a great browser. I never liked Internet explorer much, because you would have to block out every website you do not like, and it takes all day to cut and past under your “host” file. That part does really work well also. Also, if you have a ipod or visit sites like Youtube, the Internet asks you every month or so to update the downloaded version of the software. I do not like Youtube, because of the bad comments posted and certain types of videos… So that is why I don’t like the Internet as much as I use too. I prefer using my commputer for watching movies, playing PC games and watching DVDs/BluRay movies! Hope this helps.

    yes this is what im looking for

    This could be better. I think it needs to get right to the point. What are FIVE internet safety rules !?

    hat the

    I think that cyberbulliying is the most dangerous aspect of internetcrimes against children ! There is little that can be done against this form of online aggression. I think that this should be a focus for many parents.

    I love and would like my 4 kids to be here!

    Internet is a great thing to take interest in. I agree to let my child use this website.

    I agree to let my kid use this website.


    I agree and I think it will be better then video games

    i think online saftey fun for kids

    why would you lie to people about all this?

    i just like how people want thier kids to safe shop cause things are so expensive these days

    didnt help at all

    never give any personal information



    I Think this is a good website and even if you do know what to do on the computer , the can choose to follow the rules and use it for good and not abuse what they have like a cell phone and Facebook, like I did ? I was talking to boys and knew what was right and wrong ? I got caught, too bad for me because, I have no phone or computer for six months…

    i think that kids should have more respect of their personal things

    wongerful website. may God bless you!

    it is bad to bully over the internet


    the internet can be a blessing and a curse, we should have the right to choose which one to follow. yes im a kid, but im resposible and i know the difference between right and wrong, and its WRONG to have parents not giving their kids any privacy.


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    quote“Two out of five teenagers are exposed to pornography online.“ i think that is way more then we believe it is. Kids these days are smarter then some parents and know how to find their way on the internet.
    I think the smartest thing a parent can do is to talk honestly and open with their children explaining the risk of the internet.

    I’m agree

    This is an extra thing that we parents have to learn and watch our children’s backs for. As much as I try to prevent mine from getting used to computer and tablets, I just could not get him off of it. I have to take extra measure to ensure safety. Thanks for this, Very helpful.

    Everyone knows it’s hard to not go on the internet from time to time but we need to protect our kids.

    Definitivamente Deben de existir regulaciones el internet no puede ser como una “bola magica” donde tu preguntas lo que sea y hay una respuesta para eso , fuere lo que fuere.

    this website is very good and helped me with my work

    Cyber bullying (bullying over a PC) is very bad these days and we should not tollerate it)

    it is bad .
    only adults should go on facebook.
    21s and up.

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    I wasnt that impressed with this website but my daughter seemed to be delighted with it so now everyday after school she rushes on her ipad and reads it constantly until her bed time thanks xx


    I am affected by online bullying

    i like

    That’s kind of funny because my parents know all about it but nothing is that inappropriate since well look at it this way they either A: learn bad material from the internet or B:they learn about it from friends at school but you can take away the cellphone and computer and game systems and the electronics but you cannot take away their friends at school plus what makes you think that they don’t end up finding and learning this info before the parent does. The kid could easily lock the computer with a custom password and not tell the parent.

    I hate it

    i am a sixth grade student doing a project for school i know alot but this was helpful



    Why does ebay allow sexually explicit material on their site? Adult Items on Ebay
    “Items that may not be appropriate for minors (members under 18 years of age) may be sold on Ebay, but only in Ebay’s Mature Audiences Section. Some items, although it may be legal to sell them to adults, may still be restricted from Ebay.
    In order to sell an item that may be of adult nature, Ebay requires that the Ebay member provide credit card information, or alternative age verification, in order to even enter the Mature Audiences section of Ebay. This helps Ebay keep certain that minors are not freely accessing pages of adult material. Although all Ebay members are supposed to be 18 years of age or older, Ebay is not always able to control minors from viewing Ebay listings.” (J Curran, Yahoo)



    Hello I have bullied a lot and I’m 9 years old and when I read this it was all right

    I like this website

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