Mobile Technology: Summary and Next Steps

It used to be that families had a radio, a television, and a telephone at home. Now, all of these devices, plus gaming systems, internet access, and personal computers have been combined into hand-held devices that your child can carry with her wherever she goes. Keep the lines of communication open and monitor what your child is doing with her mobile technology.

Other Useful Web Sites

  • Cell Phone Safety Tips – These tips and links from the PTA provide a good overview of keeping your child safe while using a cell phone.
  • Cell Phones – The Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston share the upsides and downside of cell phones, including the health risks associated with mobile technology.
  • Cell Phone Rules – Dr. David Walsh answers a reader question in this blog about cell phone rules and keeping track of the contacts on your child’s phone.
  • iPad Rules – iPad Tips and Tools lists their Top 10 ground rules for child iPad usage.