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Tip of the Day July 22

Interview another family member. Ask them questions that you think future generations will want to know about them. Write them down and keep them in a special place.

Tip of the Day July 21

Did you know? Our recent American Family Assets survey indicates that only 58% of youth dine with at least one parent 6-7 days a week. Get ideas for fun family dinners here.

Tip of the Day July 20

Summer Activity Idea: Get a book on constellations and see if you can find them together on a starry night.

Tip of the Day July 19

Do the 20/20/20 challenge. Challenge each family member to do 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 20 squats. Do it every day this week.

Tip of the Day July 18

Did you know? A recent, national survey of parents and teens indicates that 55% of parents feel close or very close to their teen’s friends. Invite your teen’s friend over for ice cream, afternoon tea, or lemonade. Enjoy talking with him or her.

Tip of the Day July 17

Cook a meal together as a family. Take it a step further: double the recipe and take it to someone who needs an extra hand or a bit of cheer (if they’ve been sick, had a new baby, or have been working too hard). Get ideas for fun family dinners here.

Tip of the Day July 16

Help your kids take healthy risks—not dangerous ones. Teach them the difference.

Tip of the Day July 15

Tell your child you love him often, but show him you love him through your actions every day. Little Lesson: It’s easy to say, “I love you”, but the little, everyday things you model (like patience, kindness, courage, and persistence) are really what make a difference in the long run.

Tip of the Day July 14

Summer Activity Idea: Have an alphabet scavenger hunt. Record your findings.

Tip of the Day July 13

It’s summer — Throw the rules out the window for a night (or two)! Shake things up a bit: head to the park even though it would normally be “too late,” eat popsicles for dinner, or leave the dishes and head to the drive-in.