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Tip of the Day June 20

Don’t talk about your kids in front of other people as if they aren’t even there.

Tip of the Day June 19

Ask for your kids input on family decisions large and small.

Tip of the Day June 18

When kids share feelings, let them know you are listening rather than trying to “fix” things. Simple statements such as, “That sounds difficult,” or “You seem very excited,” can be exactly what they need sometimes.

Tip of the Day June 17

Remember that touch, both loving and not, is a form of communication. Do you hug your kids, put your hand on their shoulders when speaking to them, put your arm around them when they are feeling down?

Tip of the Day June 16

Pay attention to the tone of voice you use with your kids; it can say as much as your words.

Tip of the Day June 15

Never dismiss your child’s feelings.

Tip of the Day June 14

Give specific positive feedback when your kids show courage.

Tip of the Day June 13

When you have a disagreement, be sure to invite your child to share her or his point of view.

Tip of the Day June 12

If your child tells you something in confidence, keep it in confidence unless you fear doing so could cause harm.

Tip of the Day June 11

Declare your home a “snark-free zone” where bad-mouthing others is off-limits.