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Tip of the Day July 27

In a recent, national survey of parents and teens, 41% of the families reported having “just enough” money for the things they need, while 18% reported having a “hard time” buying the things they need. Get ideas for teaching kids about money management at

Tip of the Day July 26

Explore a nearby creek to see what aquatic life might be there. Look for flowers or birds on a nature walk and record your findings.

Tip of the Day July 25

Got bored kids? Play the games at — score points and give food to people who are hungry.

Tip of the Day July 24

Don’t let the beginning of the school year catch you by surprise! Take inventory of clothing and school supply needs and start adjusting sleep patterns to get back into a regular routine before the night before school starts.

Tip of the Day July 23

Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course together, and then try it out. Time each person and aim for your personal best.

Tip of the Day July 22

Interview another family member. Ask them questions that you think future generations will want to know about them. Write them down and keep them in a special place.

Tip of the Day July 21

Did you know? Our recent American Family Assets survey indicates that only 58% of youth dine with at least one parent 6-7 days a week. Get ideas for fun family dinners here.

Tip of the Day July 20

Summer Activity Idea: Get a book on constellations and see if you can find them together on a starry night.

Tip of the Day July 19

Do the 20/20/20 challenge. Challenge each family member to do 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 20 squats. Do it every day this week.

Tip of the Day July 18

Did you know? A recent, national survey of parents and teens indicates that 55% of parents feel close or very close to their teen’s friends. Invite your teen’s friend over for ice cream, afternoon tea, or lemonade. Enjoy talking with him or her.