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Tip of the Day August 26

Did you know that children who feel a connection with their school are more likely to do well? Encourage your child to talk about school, attend school events, and celebrate school successes.

Tip of the Day August 25

Use teachers and counselors as resources to help your child with his academic struggles. E-mail, call, or visit teachers and counselors with your questions or concerns.

Tip of the Day August 24

Parent involvement in education is important throughout school! Talk to your child’s teacher regularly about his educational and social development or, if your schedule permits, volunteer your time in the classroom or become an active participant in your school’s PTO/PTA.

Tip of the Day August 23

If your child is going to be riding the bus to school for the first time, be sure to talk about bus safety. It’s also a good time to reinforce general school safety rules including who he should and shouldn’t talk to, and when he should and shouldn’t get off the school bus.

Tip of the Day August 22

A certain level of social anxiety is normal for elementary school aged kids. Teach your child to introduce herself and make friends. If she’s older, role play various social scenarios with her—from sharing classroom supplies to encounters with older kids.

Tip of the Day August 21

Pack light—a backpack should never weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of the student’s body weight. Always use both shoulder straps to avoid strained muscles.

Tip of the Day August 20

Remind your teen that although ACT and SAT results are important to colleges, achievement as a well-rounded student counts just as much. Encourage a balance of extra-curricular activities and volunteer experiences.

Tip of the Day August 19

Your teen may be working hard to balance extra-curricular activities and school activities this year. Help her become a master time manager by enforcing at-home chores and family responsibilities.

Tip of the Day August 18

If your teen will be getting his driver’s license this year, take time to help him learn by taking him driving. Be supportive, clear, and direct when discussing safety on the road.

Tip of the Day August 17

If your high-school student has a job, then help him manage his money and time. Help him to create a budget, and have a savings plan.