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Tip of the Day September 10

Build your child’s awareness of the rest of the world and the differences in it by providing opportunities for him to be exposed to people, ideas and interests different than his own.

Tip of the Day September 9

Think before you speak. Try never to make offhand negative comments (“You’re so lazy!”) as they can have long-term effects on your child’s self image.

Tip of the Day September 8

Foster a strong work ethic. Encourage your kids to do their best at every task they undertake, no matter how small, no matter how “unimportant”.

Tip of the Day September 7

Educate yourself about the issues your kids face. Some of the issues and dilemmas that kids have today simply were not present when you were their age. Knowing what they are up against will help you develop your own strategies for helping them cope and make decisions in an increasingly complex world.

Tip of the Day September 6

2 tips for raising successful kids: —> 1. Establish clear boundaries. 2. Enforce consequences for not abiding by them.

Tip of the Day September 5

Set high, but realistic expectations. Make sure you set goals that help your kids reach their personal best.

Tip of the Day September 4

Value actions as well as words. Listen to what you teen tells you, and pay close attention to what he does as well as with whom he does it.

Tip of the Day September 3

Don’t make quitting easy. Make sure you’re not allowing your child to quit just because they find a particular activity or pursuit difficult or challenging.

Tip of the Day September 2

Listen. You probably have a lot you want your kids to know and learn before they leave you and embark into adulthood. So it’s tempting to make every experience a teachable moment. Don’t forget that you too may learn something if you take a moment to listen.

Tip of the Day September 1

Without pushing or pressuring them, help your kids master something they find challenging. Encourage them and praise them for their effort.