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Tip of the Day September 30

Technology has made the world “smaller”, making it easy to know what is happening continents away. Encourage your teen to get involved in causes online and through social media. Remind your kids that there are also wonderful ways to get involved in communities and causes locally.

Tip of the Day September 29

Listen. Don’t judge! If your child feels comfortable coming to you with problems, you can help her solve problems and make decisions that she may not be mature enough to make on her own.

Tip of the Day September 28

Plan a Hispanic Heritage Month theme party. This could be just a family dinner with foods from a specific Spanish-speaking country or region; give each family member a dedicated task to contribute to the event.

Tip of the Day September 27

We now have access to more information than at any other time in history. This includes information about other people, places and ideas different than your own. Give your kids opportunities to explore and learn about the world beyond their backyard.

Tip of the Day September 26

Take your pre-teen and teenaged kids to a museum that has an exhibition featuring Hispanic artists and culture.

Tip of the Day September 25

Help kids develop affinity groups outside of family. Healthy and positive bonds outside of the family are important for all developmental stages. Pay attention to your kids’ interests, and seek out opportunities to help them join or create their own “communities” based on shared interests and passions.

Tip of the Day September 24

Encourage your pre-teens and teens to be independent thinkers. While your values and rules are important, giving your kids the room to develop and express their ideas will not only build their confidence, but will make them less susceptible to peer pressure and undue influence.

Tip of the Day September 23

Find a song or jingle in Spanish and learn to sing it with your toddler.

Tip of the Day September 22

Discuss the reason(s) behind certain consequences or punishments with your child. If the punishment itself is beyond your child’s capacity to understand, then the punishment probably won’t be very effective.

Tip of the Day September 21

Pick a flag from a Spanish-speaking nation for your child to draw/color. Teach them a fact about the country as they complete their project. Display their work around your home.