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Tip of the Day March 9

Praise your child in the presence of others. Although you may be tempted to recite a litany of complaints about your child to their other parent, grandparents or other relatives, be sure to mention the good things they’ve done without being boastful or falsely positive.

Tip of the Day March 8

Focus criticism on your child’s actions rather than on the child herself. Instead of: You are so lazy! If you’d studied you would have passed that test! Try: You are clearly capable of getting an ‘A’ in this class, so it disappoints me that you didn’t put in the time preparing for the test.

Tip of the Day March 7

Treat yourself well. If your kids see you model positive self-esteem, they may learn to do the same. Don’t put yourself down or be unnecessarily self-effacing; if you’re afraid to claim your good traits, they may be reluctant to claim theirs as well.

Tip of the Day March 6

Nothing will close the door of communication between you and your kids faster than a signal that you don’t take their feelings seriously, so be sure to listen. Today their grievance may be something you consider trivial, but you’re building a foundation for them to share the more serious stuff later.

Tip of the Day March 5

Set achievable goals. Nothing helps boost a kid’s confidence like attaining a goal, so think realistically about some of the things they might to accomplish and help them set small, incremental objectives that will get them there.

Tip of the Day March 4

Show an interest in your child’s friends, activities and interests. Even when you’re tired or overwhelmed, make it a point to ask questions, show up at events, and remember the people and things that are important to them.

Tip of the Day March 3

Don’t let your kids give up on something just because it’s difficult. If you do, you may reinforce their fears about not being capable or worse yet, miss the opportunity to teach the importance of perseverance and commitment.

Tip of the Day March 2

If your daughter is a great singer, or your son is a math whiz, tell them! They may already know it, but hearing it from you will do wonders for their self-esteem.

Tip of the Day March 1

Give your kids chores that contribute to the entire household. It’s great that they clean their room, but if they’re old enough, asking them to do the dishes after dinner, or occasionally make breakfast reminds them that they are an important and capable part of a family unit. Get more ideas here.

Tip of the Day February 29

Have regular family meetings to discuss concerns, plan events, and assign tasks. If you’re finding family meetings chaotic, try something new. Take turns leading the meetings to see if it improves your family’s workflow and communication.