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Tip of the Day February 1

Make sure you get the support you need. We can be there for our kids in the ways they need us more easily if we have gotten the support and recuperation we need each week.

Tip of the Day January 31

Help your kids take healthy risks—not dangerous ones. Teach them the difference.

Tip of the Day January 30

When you see “rebellion” coming, nip it. Remind your child she has a choice. She can be a force for good, or for the dark side. Ask your child: How can you use your power for good?

Tip of the Day January 29

Take photos of your kids with their friends. Make prints for them to look at or display.

Tip of the Day January 28

Be low-keyed when you’re around kids. Kids tend to gravitate toward calm adults who listen to them.

Tip of the Day January 27

When you travel, send postcards to kids to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Tip of the Day January 26

When a child breaks a rule, make sure she understands that the consequence is her choice. If she chooses to break the rule, she is choosing the consequence as well. Remind her that she has a choice.

Tip of the Day January 25

Be consistent in enforcing rules. Help children know they can rely on the boundaries being there. (Eventually they will learn to appreciate the safe environment you are setting!)

Tip of the Day January 24

Explain what will happen if rules are broken in terms your child will understand. Have them state them back in their own words.

Tip of the Day January 23

Encourage kids to “have a happy heart.” Set an expectation for joy in the home and articulate it often.