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Tip of the Day June 13

When you have a disagreement, be sure to invite your child to share her or his point of view.

Tip of the Day June 12

If your child tells you something in confidence, keep it in confidence unless you fear doing so could cause harm.

Tip of the Day June 11

Declare your home a “snark-free zone” where bad-mouthing others is off-limits.

Tip of the Day June 10

Go on walks as a family and talk about whatever comes to mind.

Tip of the Day June 9

Use lots of different means to write your kids notes telling what you appreciate about them: Facebook, texts, post-its on a mirror, and more.

Tip of the Day June 8

Sometimes sit or lie down with your child at night and reflect on the day.

Tip of the Day June 7

Write down the funny or wonderful things your kids do and tell them those stories later on.

Tip of the Day June 6

When speaking with and listening to small children, lower yourself or bring them up so you are at their eye level.

Tip of the Day June 5

When communicating with your child, focus on her or him, not on your phone, computer, or any other distraction. They’ll notice if you don’t.

Tip of the Day June 4

Create traditions that involve communication, such as talking over the day’s highs and lows at mealtime. Over time, these little connections will build a strong bond.