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Tip of the Day October 30

Is your child’s Halloween costume safe? Make sure masks don’t restrict vision (or try facepaint!), costumes are light-colored or reflective, and nothing drags on the ground.

Tip of the Day October 29

One of the most powerful tools you can teach your kids is how to calm down when they’re feeling ready to lash out. They can say something as simple as, “I need a break.”

Tip of the Day October 28

“Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one.” — Glennon Melton,

Tip of the Day October 27

Did you know that today is National Make a Difference Day? Teach kids the importance of volunteering. Learn more >>

Tip of the Day October 26

What’s your Halloween candy plan? Will you buy it back? Let the kids go hog wild? Dole it out over a few weeks? Set the rules in place ahead of time.

Tip of the Day October 25

“It doesn’t matter what you say you believe. It only matters what you do.” — Robert Fulghum

Tip of the Day October 24

The first thing you learn when cycling or skating is how to fall. So much of life is like that. Teach your kids how to “fall” and how to get back up again.

Tip of the Day October 23

The Olympics and other sporting events are inspiring. Paralympics competitions (still available online for viewing) can be even more inspiring. Learn with your children about the amazing things all bodies can do.

Tip of the Day October 22

Does your child know how to dial 911 in an emergency? Just as importantly, do they know where to find and how to operate a cell phone (if you don’t have a landline)?

Tip of the Day October 21

When your kid asks about scary things, don’t panic! Turn it around and ask more questions. “What do you know about wildfires? What more would you like to know?”