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Tip of the Day December 9

Pay attention to the messages you model—stay off the cell phone and other electronic devices when you’re driving or engaged in other activities that deserve your full attention.

Tip of the Day December 8

Limit screen time to 2 hours a day or less for children over the age of 2. Pediatricians recommend no screen time for children under 2. Practice “appointment” television. Use your TV guide, and decide in advance what’s good to watch.

Tip of the Day December 7

Ask your child how he or she handles all of the ads on the Internet. Some are sexually suggestive. Some are downright offensive. What catches her/his eye? What does he/she do about it?

Tip of the Day December 6

Host a virtual family “game night” via Skype, Google Talk, or FaceTime with your college-age kids or extended family.

Tip of the Day December 5

Remember: nothing can replace adult involvement and supervision. Keep monitoring how your kids use media and technology on a regular basis without becoming an “Internet Cop.”

Tip of the Day December 4

Cut down on screen time by setting up a charging station—where everyone puts their gadgets at night—so they’re ready in the morning and also not being used for late night Facebooking!

Tip of the Day December 3

Content blockers and filters are great tools to use with younger kids. A content blocker blocks sites with explicit material or limits a child’s search to a predetermined set of sites. A content filter scans sites and images and blocks those that contain certain words, key phrases, or content.

Tip of the Day December 2

Texting can be an important communication medium between you and your tween or teen. Use it as a discrete way to connect when a phone call might not be a comfortable or available option.

Tip of the Day December 1

Do you have a smart phone with a good camera? Use it to share spontaneous photos and videos with relatives who live far away.

Tip of the Day November 30

Play more. Play helps us decompress and minimize stress. Not only is it fun, it can also increase our sense of well-being and keep us healthy.