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Tip of the Day January 4

Empower your child! Listen to his or her ideas and provide appropriate opportunities for your child to participate in decision-making.

Tip of the Day January 3

Together, create a list of your family’s favorite healthy snacks and meals. Work to integrate these into your regular eating habits to stay healthy.

Tip of the Day January 2

Set high, but realistic expectations. Make sure you set goals that help your kids reach their personal best.

Tip of the Day January 1

For New Year’s, have a family gathering and go around the group, letting each person share one favorite memory from the past year and one struggle he or she overcame. Go around the circle again and let everyone share one goal for the new year.

Tip of the Day December 31

Help your kids set New Year’s resolutions and stick with them. Talk about the ups and downs of change and how resolutions can be easy to accomplish on some days and not on others.

Tip of the Day December 30

Show courtesy to family members in public and at home.

Tip of the Day December 29

Expect more conflict over boundaries as kids go through transition stages, such as beginning to walk, first going to school, entering puberty, or becoming more independent during the high-school years.

Tip of the Day December 28

Be consistent with the boundaries you set and what you do when they’re violated. Kids are quick to pick up on rules that you don’t enforce.

Tip of the Day December 27

Notice and comment when your child does something well. Be specific.

Tip of the Day December 26

Let your child earn more freedoms as he or she shows more responsibility.