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Tip of the Day August 12

Create a homework spot. Ideally you should find a place where you can sit right next to your child. You can pay bills, do work, or read while your child studies.

Tip of the Day August 11

Say more positive things to your family than negative ones.

Tip of the Day August 10

Ask your children what they like and don’t like about their daily routines. Together figure out changes to improve them.

Tip of the Day August 9

Find a way to celebrate the first day—or first week—of school. By making it a celebration, you’re showing your kids that you value their education.

Tip of the Day August 8

Accept your kids as they are.

Tip of the Day August 7

If you haven’t started already, begin helping your child get into a school routine. Have predictable bed times, meal times, and wake-up times.

Tip of the Day August 6

Be understanding when your child has a difficult day.

Tip of the Day August 5

Make a big deal about going back to school. When kids see how much you value education, they’re more likely to get excited about it.

Tip of the Day August 4

Include children in discussions of family priorities that reflect values (such as how to spend time or how to stand up for beliefs).

Tip of the Day August 3

Indulge in a fun activity before your kids go back to school. Some families go to a zoo, amusement park, or water park as a way to signal that “last hurrah” of summer.