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Tip of the Day January 13

When behaviors drive you crazy, give yourself grace. Seek out the wisdom of other parents you admire, try new strategies, and remember you weren’t born knowing how to parent.

Tip of the Day January 12

Express an interest in your child’s friends and social life. Having the people outside of family who are important to them acknowledged will remind your kids that they are important to you.

Tip of the Day January 11

Don’t give false praise. Be authentic, but kind. Kids can tell when adults are being fake or insincere.

Tip of the Day January 10

Surround yourself with families you admire. Learn what you want and don’t want to do. Be intentional with the choices you make in managing your family.

Tip of the Day January 9

Angry? Frustrated with your child? Try lowering your voice – speak quietly and slowly and in a quiet place. Lowering your temperature will help lower theirs.

Tip of the Day January 18

Without pushing or pressuring them, help your kids master something they find challenging. Encourage them and praise them for their effort.

Tip of the Day January 8

Limit tech time. Look for ways to get your kids involved in activities that are physical, creative and interactive.

Tip of the Day January 7

Listen. Don’t judge! If your child feels comfortable coming to you with problems, you can help her solve problems and make decisions that she may not be mature enough to make on her own.

Tip of the Day January 6

Capture in words and photos the moments of your life with your child. Record them, keep them, and share them at the end of the year.

Tip of the Day January 5

Try new activities to help your child step outside of his or her comfort zone. For example: Conquer a fear of heights with indoor rock climbing.