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Tip of the Day December 20

As much as possible, continue traditions started when your children were younger. Though they are growing and changing, it’s important for them to trust that there is continuity and consistency in life.

Tip of the Day December 19

Remind your child that it’s okay to fail sometimes. Failure is an opportunity to learn about oneself and succeed in the future.

Tip of the Day December 18

Include holiday giving (such as giving money to charity) as part of your holiday spending. See which organizations your kids want to support.

Tip of the Day December 17

Respect your child’s time. When you commit to something, follow through or let your child know why you can’t.

Tip of the Day December 16

Make holiday celebrations about being with friends and family, rather than focused on gift giving.

Tip of the Day December 15

Ask your child to write a list of her or his skills and talents. Then you write down additional strengths that your child didn’t recognize.

Tip of the Day December 14

Model responsible behavior. If you do things that are off limits in front of a child, be ready to give a reason that is not hypocritical.

Tip of the Day December 13

Ask your kids what they enjoy best about getting ready for (and celebrating) the holidays. Incorporate those things into your holiday planning.

Tip of the Day December 12

Answer your children’s questions. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and work together to find it.

Tip of the Day December 11

This holiday season, ask significant adults in your children’s lives to give gifts of time or activities (such as a trip to a park, an afternoon of baking, or a visit to a museum), rather than material goods.