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Tip of the Day February 4

If you are the parent of a young child, break new tasks and skills into small, manageable steps that he or she can master without becoming too frustrated.

Tip of the Day February 3

Each week, develop a family schedule to keep track of what everyone is doing.

Tip of the Day February 2

Support your kids in ways they appreciate. Some like hugs. Some like to hear that they’re doing well. Discover your child’s personal love language >>

Tip of the Day February 1

Ask your child to give you a hand with a home project.

Tip of the Day January 31

If your child likes baseball, art, rap, or science, there are probably positive adults you know who share those interests. Strong connections can form when young people and adults work together on things they both really care about.

Tip of the Day January 30

Notice when a family member withdraws. Give the person space—but work to keep them connected and supported.

Tip of the Day January 29

Make a family “business card” for your household. Include contact information and a message about how you’d like to connect (gardening, going for walks, etc.). Give one to every family in your neighborhood.

Tip of the Day January 28

Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social-networking platforms to communicate with kids in genuine ways. A word of encouragement is worth a lot in any medium.

Tip of the Day January 27

Sometimes tensions can arise between parents and mentors when a child or teen feels a strong attachment to the mentor. Be proactive in checking in regularly with other caring adults so that you agree on expectations and hopes.

Tip of the Day January 26

Plan and prepare a meal with one of your children this week. Invite your child’s friends to join you and use our Table Time! Toolkit to make it fun >>