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Tip of the Day January 25

Foster a strong work ethic. Encourage your kids to do their best at every task they undertake, no matter how small, no matter how “unimportant”.

Tip of the Day January 24

Monitor your own comments about other parents and families. Your kids are always listening and we may appear less tolerant than we intend to if we are careless.

Tip of the Day January 23

Give kids room to make and realize their mistakes. Preventing them from learning from mistakes will build a sense of false security and diminish their ability to manage disappointment.

Tip of the Day January 22

It can help kids to name feelings to help a conversation move forward. Try something like, “Some kids in this situation might feel angry, sad, or afraid. Do any of those sound true for you?”

Tip of the Day January 21

Laugh and be silly as a family. Read comic strips, play pretend, play games, sing out loud . . . it’s the small things that hold us together.

Tip of the Day January 20

While your values and rules are important, giving your kids the room to develop and express their ideas will not only build their confidence, but will make them less susceptible to peer pressure and undue influence.

Tip of the Day January 19

When misbehavior happens, emphasize the right way to act. Once kids know right from wrong and choose wrong, then it is appropriate to discipline them.

Tip of the Day January 17

Eat dinner together as often as possible. Try sharing one good and one difficult thing from each person’s day.

Tip of the Day January 16

Value actions as well as words. Listen to what you teen tells you, and pay close attention to what he does as well as with whom he does it.

Tip of the Day January 15

Parenting is too much to do alone. Lean on family and friends. Ask others to be a positive force in your child’s life, help enforce boundaries as well as do fun things together with your child.