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Tip of the Day February 13

Be calm about young love. Be careful not to overreact (and make it a bigger deal than it is) or under react (by dismissing it).

Tip of the Day February 12

Your involvement in school can help your student learn and affect teacher attitudes toward your children, thus creating a more caring school climate.

Tip of the Day February 11

Talk about your hopes and dreams for your child with your partner. The more you can be in sync, the easier it will be to parent your child together.

Tip of the Day February 10

Model and talk about appropriate ways to express love and care. Focus on the relationship aspect of dating with your teen, such as getting to know someone and caring for each other in tender ways, such as holding hands.

Tip of the Day February 9

Don’t overreact when your child lies to you. Young people will lie if they fear your reaction. If you suspect or know that your child is lying, ask, “Why do you think I might be having trouble believing you right now?” In other words, give them the opportunity to tell the truth.

Tip of the Day February 8

Take kids’ feelings seriously. You may not think it’s a big deal for a sixth grader to fall in love, but it’s a huge deal to your sixth grader. Treat it with the same seriousness as your child does.

Tip of the Day February 7

Find out how your child likes to be touched. Some enjoy playful touch, such as pillow fights and arm wrestling. Others like hugs and cuddling. Everyone is different.

Tip of the Day February 6

Find creative ways to stay close when you’re away from your kids, such as sending homemade cookies or drawing pictures.

Tip of the Day February 5

When children don’t meet their responsibilities, use logical consequences. For example, if a child gets an allowance for cleaning her bedroom, make sure the room is clean before she gets any money.

Tip of the Day February 4

Practice “hearing” on more than one level: Listen to the words your kids are saying, but also tune in to what they are saying with their tone of voice and body language.