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Tip of the Day March 16

Learn the names of your neighbors when you’re outside or when your kids are playing outdoors.

Tip of the Day March 15

Encourage kids to try different sports to see what interests them. Children can benefit from playing soccer or basketball, participating in gymnastics or martial arts, or doing other age-appropriate sports.

Tip of the Day March 14

Use car pools when taking kids to activities and practices. Many organizations will let you create a car-pool list if you ask. (Or you can just create your own by talking with other parents.)

Tip of the Day March 13

As children get older, have them help out with physical chores that give them some exercise. Starting around age 6, kids can help wash the car. Middle school kids can do yard work and shovel snow. High school teens can help move furniture and mow the lawn.

Tip of the Day March 12

Listen to what your kids want—and why. Really listen. You may be able to help them get what they want by helping them set goals and take steps toward meeting their goals.

Tip of the Day March 11

Support your teenager, but be careful that you don’t take over their homework, school projects, or household chores. Give them help but just enough to get them to do their part.

Tip of the Day March 10

If your child discovers a friend in your neighborhood, take the time to get to know the family of your child’s friend.

Tip of the Day March 9

Make activity fun! Go to the playground together. Follow your child through the playground equipment. If you don’t fit in the equipment, walk around so that you get some exercise while your child plays.

Tip of the Day March 8

Cook together! Although cooking can be messy, kids often have a blast when they cook something with you that they’re really excited to eat.

Tip of the Day March 7

Discover ways to have fun when your kids want you to do something over and over and over. After awhile, games can become stale to you—but still fun to your kids. Find a way to inject some fun into activities that become routine for you.