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Tip of the Day May 31

If your kids will be spending their summer riding bikes, trikes, and skateboards, make sure they have helmets that fit and they wear them every time they ride.

Tip of the Day May 30

Talk with your kids about what they can do when they get into various situations where they face tough choices or feel uncomfortable. Discuss specific words or actions they could use.

Tip of the Day May 29

When your kids get bored, brainstorm ideas of what to do. If nothing sticks, give them space to figure it out for themselves.

Tip of the Day May 28

Give your child lots of support and approval while he or she is learning independence or taking on a new responsibility.

Tip of the Day May 27

Greet your child’s friends warmly and be sure to make eye contact. This shows that you care about them and are paying attention.

Tip of the Day May 26

Deal with problems and conflicts in your family while they’re still small.

Tip of the Day May 25

Plan family nights to do something fun together. Try out some of these ideas >>

Tip of the Day May 24

Teach your children how to apologize, explain, negotiate, and resolve conflicts peacefully when relationships run into trouble. More tips on resolving conflicts with kids >>

Tip of the Day May 23

Know your parenting potholes, such as arguing with your kids in unproductive ways or avoiding important issues. Work to avoid falling in them.

Tip of the Day May 22

Tell your kids you’re proud of them today. Be specific when you tell them why.