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Tip of the Day March 5

Talk about why spirituality matters to your family or families that you know.

Tip of the Day March 4

Ask your child about his or her day. Find out the worst thing that happened and the best.

Tip of the Day March 3

Curl up with your child and a good book today. Or share one of your favorite books with your teenager.

Tip of the Day March 2

Be spontaneous! Do something different as a family. Use our Family Activity Generator to find ideas >>

Tip of the Day March 1

Talk to your kids about why they should not use alcohol, smoke, or use drugs—don’t assume they already know why.

Tip of the Day February 28

Regard each child as a unique and creative individual, avoiding verbal comparisons to their siblings and peers, such as “When your brother was your age…” or “Your friend never does that.”

Tip of the Day February 27

Respect your teenager’s privacy, but take interest in his or her friends and activities.

Tip of the Day February 26

Write a thank you note with your child to a teacher, coach, or youth leader for being an important adult in his or her life.

Tip of the Day February 25

Eliminate pessimistic phrases from your family vocabulary. Replace “It won’t work” with “Why not try it?” Instead of “You can’t do that by yourself,” try “I can help you do that, if you’d like.”

Tip of the Day February 24

Intentionally start conversations with your kids about honesty, friendships, giving to others, and making tough decisions so that you can hear how their values are taking shape.