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Tip of the Day May 12

Sometimes when siblings fight, they’re battling for your attention. How can you give each child a bit more one-on-one time with you?

Tip of the Day May 11

Teach your children about independence and interdependence. Talk about the things that you are confident to do by yourself and the times that you ask others for help.

Tip of the Day May 10

Get excited about the things that bring your kids joy. Celebrate with them.

Tip of the Day May 9

Trust your kids to do the right thing. When they don’t, show them a better way.

Tip of the Day May 8

The end of the school year is often full of activities that need adult volunteers. Help out at your child’s school by chaperoning field trips or assisting with events.

Tip of the Day May 7

Talk honestly about what to do when relationships get difficult. Kids want to learn how to have good relationships.

Tip of the Day May 6

Stay in contact with teachers about your child’s progress. You don’t have to wait for teachers to contact you.

Tip of the Day May 5

Try to talk about positives and possibilities instead of problems. This is a good model for your kids.

Tip of the Day May 4

Listen to what your kids say they want. You might be impressed by some of their great ideas.

Tip of the Day May 3

Volunteer to bring healthy treats to a practice for your child’s sports team.