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Tip of the Day September 6

Connect your children with adults who have useful wisdom, such as money management skills or career advice.

Tip of the Day September 5

Model the values you want to pass on to your children. For example, do service projects together as a family. Talk about why you do it.

Tip of the Day September 4

Let your kids know that you recognize and appreciate their talents, capabilities, and discoveries.

Tip of the Day September 3

Give your kids space and respect their privacy when they need it.

Tip of the Day September 2

Ask your child to imagine a hobby or activity he or she might enjoy now and as an adult. Help your child take steps to start doing it (if they’re not already).

Tip of the Day September 1

Share stories with your kids about what life was like for you as a young person (dating, school, family, friendships, etc.). Talking about these things may show that you have an understanding of what life is like for them.

Tip of the Day August 31

Schedule a monthly family movie night. Take turns picking films, and allow plenty of time for discussion afterward.

Tip of the Day August 30

Look for opportunities—in the car, while doing chores together, or at the dinner table—to ask questions about your child’s classes and teachers.

Tip of the Day August 29

Plan and prepare a meal with one of your children. Invite your child’s friend to join you.

Tip of the Day August 28

If your child is reluctant to talk about school, try talking to her or his teacher; if there is a problem in the classroom, your child’s teacher can fill you in on the details.