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Tip of the Day April 3

When life gets hard, be honest about it with your kids. The way you react to hardship teaches them a lot.

Tip of the Day April 2

Notice when your kids pull away from you. Find out why without invading their privacy.

Tip of the Day April 1

Consider April Fool’s Day to be a holiday to teach kids appropriate ways to pull harmless pranks, be silly, and enjoy themselves. Click here for simple tips for April Fool’s Day fun >>

Tip of the Day March 31

Remind your kids to do their homework and to do all of it well. More tips for school success >>

Tip of the Day March 30

Find ways to help your kids connect with your extended family: grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and others. Tips for getting relatives involved >>

Tip of the Day March 29

Teach your kids how to make good decisions. Explain that making good decisions sometimes means changing your mind.

Tip of the Day March 28

When your rules differ from others, point it out to your child and explain why you have the rules that you do.

Tip of the Day March 27

Notice when your kids are empathetic. Point out that you like this, and encourage their empathy to grow.

Tip of the Day March 26

When your kids get mad, help them to calm down. Then encourage them to say what made them mad and find solutions that work for them.

Tip of the Day March 25

Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Have each family member use a napkin ring that’s unique so you can use the napkins a few times between washings. More green family tips >>