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Tip of the Day February 6

Find creative ways to stay close when you’re away from your kids, such as sending homemade cookies or drawing pictures.

Tip of the Day February 5

When children don’t meet their responsibilities, use logical consequences. For example, if a child gets an allowance for cleaning her bedroom, make sure the room is clean before she gets any money.

Tip of the Day February 4

Practice “hearing” on more than one level: Listen to the words your kids are saying, but also tune in to what they are saying with their tone of voice and body language.

Tip of the Day February 3

With your partner, present a united front to your kids. Even if you disagree privately, work out your differences so that your kids aren’t aware of them. Watch for your kids trying to get something from one parent without the knowledge of the other.

Tip of the Day February 2

Encourage your children to pursue their passions, as long as they balance them with school and family time. Performing arts, sports, and other activities can be great, but they can start to take over their lives if their involvement becomes too intense.

Tip of the Day February 1

Think of touch as another way to communicate with your child. Whenever you pat your child on the shoulder, snuggle up to read with him, or hug him, you’re telling your child that you love him.

Tip of the Day January 31

Family meetings can be great – or horrible! Learning to work together is worth it, though. Try different formats, trade off leading them, and see if they can improve your family’s workflow and communication.

Tip of the Day January 30

2 tips for raising successful kids: —> 1. Establish clear boundaries. 2. Enforce consequences for not abiding by them.

Tip of the Day January 29

Develop a network of friends who are willing to step in and “co-parent” on occasion (babysit, pick up a kid from school, grab an item at the store, etc.). It takes a village!

Tip of the Day January 28

Try to be ready to listen whenever kids are ready to talk. When they are ready to share an important thought, a tough experience or a difficult question, make yourself available.