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Tip of the Day April 18

Help your kids to cope well when bad things happen. Teach them how to be resilient >>

Tip of the Day April 17

Notice when your kids are acting differently and talk to them about it.

Tip of the Day April 16

Ask other parents about family activities they enjoy doing. Then try something they recommend.

Tip of the Day April 15

It’s okay to get overwhelmed from time to time as a parent. Be patient with yourself.

Tip of the Day April 14

Give young people appropriate and important responsibilities within the family. For example, ask a younger child to help an adult do laundry, or ask an older child to prepare a meal.

Tip of the Day April 13

Encourage your kids to ask questions about life, death, and other spiritual issues. More tips for fostering spiritual development >>

Tip of the Day April 12

Schedule family time on a regular basis so that everyone isn’t always going in different directions.

Tip of the Day April 11

Take time to talk with your child about the new things you are learning, and ask her or him to tell you about what she or he is learning. Get more ideas for supporting learning in your family >>

Tip of the Day April 10

Find positive role models for your kids. They’re in your community, your kids’ school, and at your work place.

Tip of the Day April 9

When your child is curious about something, help her or him learn more.