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Tip of the Day February 20

Allow your child to express their opinions on various subjects, even (or especially) if they differ from yours. Kids feel supported when they know you value their opinions.

Tip of the Day February 19

Challenge yourself and your family members to find something new and interesting to try together if you find yourselves sitting around or watching television too often. How about arts and crafts? Sports? Playing instruments?

Tip of the Day February 18

Celebrate kids’ firsts and lasts, such as the first day of school or the last game of a sports season.

Tip of the Day February 17

Encourage elementary-age children to use words rather than actions to express their needs, worries, or fears.

Tip of the Day February 16

Include your children in family discussions and decisions. Be sure to solicit their opinions if they are reluctant to share them.

Tip of the Day February 15

When your children behave in highly emotional ways, try to stay calm. Often they will follow your lead.

Tip of the Day February 14

Find lots of ways to show your family members that you love them: leave notes where they will find them, do a chore that isn’t your responsibility, give hugs, be kind to one another.

Tip of the Day February 13

Tell your kids what’s special about them and that your love for them will never end. Some parents think children just know these things. They won’t, unless they hear it directly from you.

Tip of the Day February 12

When your child interrupts you, try to remain patient. Use the opportunity to talk about communication and courtesy.

Tip of the Day February 11

When you and your child disagree, be respectful and let her or him know it’s okay for people in families to have different opinions and that you still care.