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Tip of the Day January 13

Find ways for every family member to help out with tasks around your home.

Tip of the Day January 12

Talk about any transitions your family is going through. Discuss how everyone is dealing with the changes.

Tip of the Day January 11

Cook a healthy meal with your family and enjoy it together. Find out how parents and kids can make family meals count >>

Tip of the Day January 10

Encourage your child to slow down with his or her homework. If your child doesn’t have homework, learn something together.

Tip of the Day January 9

Identify friends and family members whom you want to play active, ongoing roles in your child’s life. Then ask them to play this role!

Tip of the Day January 8

Become the parent you’ve always wanted to be. Start today with our 9 Parenting Strategies >>

Tip of the Day January 7

Learn the rules your child’s school has. Create consistent rules between home and school.

Tip of the Day January 6

Find a mentor for each one of your kids. A mentor could be a coach, a music instructor, a teacher, a neighbor, or someone at your work. You can also find mentors through formal mentoring programs.

Tip of the Day January 5

Follow through on the consequences you have set for your children. Giving in or letting your child talk you out of enforcing your rules reduces your credibility as a parent, and your child may grow up thinking that boundaries aren’t important.

Tip of the Day January 4

Notice what your child’s friends are doing right. Talk about the good ways friends influence each other. Find out more ways to be involved in your child’s peer relationships (without being controlling) >>