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Tip of the Day January 20

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, talk to your kids about what integrity means, and what it means to stand up for your own values.

Tip of the Day January 19

Be available for your kids. Be there to listen, to let them vent, to assure them of your faith in them, to accept them “as is,” and to let them have a safe space to work through feelings and issues.

Tip of the Day January 18

Cooped up inside because of the weather? Do something fun together, such as play a board game or a card game. More cabin fever busters for families >>

Tip of the Day January 17

Learn if there’s anything that’s making your child feel uncertain or out of control. Find ways to empower your child.

Tip of the Day January 16

Get to know the friends of your kids. Learn their names. Find out what gets them excited. More tips for being a caring adult in a child’s life >>

Tip of the Day January 15

Encourage your child to mentor younger children. As children learn to read, they can become book buddies and read aloud to younger children.

Tip of the Day January 14

Show your care for others as a family. Send an email or card to a friend. Call up grandma or grandpa.

Tip of the Day January 13

Find ways for every family member to help out with tasks around your home.

Tip of the Day January 12

Talk about any transitions your family is going through. Discuss how everyone is dealing with the changes.

Tip of the Day January 11

Cook a healthy meal with your family and enjoy it together. Find out how parents and kids can make family meals count >>