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Tip of the Day October 19

If your child wants to be good at something, that pursuit will be demanding in terms of time. That’s true for all people. In order to master a skill, it takes time and practice.

Tip of the Day October 18

Learn something new together—sign up for a cooking, art, photography, or language class with your child and enjoy the connections it brings you both.

Tip of the Day October 17

Be firm about setting limits. If, for example, you want to shower in peace (without kids, pets, and everyone else invading your space!), let your kids know they need to find something else to do during that time and that you will be available once you are dried and dressed.

Tip of the Day October 16

Address bullying when you come across it. For example, if you hear your daughter and her friends gossiping, counter it with something like, “Ouch, that sounded mean. I know you guys can do better.”

Tip of the Day October 15

Talk children through planning ahead by asking “what if” questions. This will help them think about what needs to be done and identify possible consequences of their decisions. Learn more in our next webinar >>

Tip of the Day October 14

Support Sparks: Find opportunities to comment on activities your child seems to really enjoy. After noting that they seemed particularly happy or engaged by the activity, tell them you are interested in finding out what they most enjoyed about it. Then listen.

Tip of the Day October 13

Try to separate your own interests and abilities from your child’s. He may not be the sports star or pianist you envisioned. Enjoy discovering who he is becoming and find ways to be supportive of your child’s unique gifts.

Tip of the Day October 12

Talk with your child about what’s important and what he wants to do. Some kids want to do ballet, debate, volunteering, or a musical group that requires intensive training and activity. Other kids don’t. Discuss these issues together.

Tip of the Day October 11

Praise your child for using a positive decision-making process, such as listing the pros and cons of a set of choices.

Tip of the Day October 10

Continue to emphasize the importance of practicing and sticking with things, even when they get hard or boring. For example, tell your child she needs to practice her instrument 30 minutes a day before she can have computer or friend time.