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Tip of the Day June 25

Soothe your kids when they get upset. Teach them how to calm themselves down in healthy ways.

Tip of the Day June 24

Eat a meal as a family. Encourage everyone to talk. Ask about what they’re interested in or what gets them excited.

Tip of the Day June 23

Instead of thinking only about what you can teach your kids, figure out what they’re teaching you. Adults can learn from children as well.

Tip of the Day June 22

Be honest with your kids when you’re feeling sick. Find ways for them to help you, such as bringing tissues or playing quietly.

Tip of the Day June 21

Allow kids to succeed and fail. They learn from both.

Tip of the Day June 20

Encourage your child to set goals in sports, clubs, or other organized activities. Ask if there is anything you can do to help meet those goals.

Tip of the Day June 19

Listen to the dreams that your kids have. Help them make their dreams come true.

Tip of the Day June 18

Encourage your children to have one or two out-of-home activities that are led by caring adults.

Tip of the Day June 17

Expect the best from your children; don’t expect perfection.

Tip of the Day June 16

Make your home a friendly, nurturing environment where people feel valued and loved for who they are.