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Tip of the Day February 28

Regard each child as a unique and creative individual, avoiding verbal comparisons to their siblings and peers, such as “When your brother was your age…” or “Your friend never does that.”

Tip of the Day February 27

Respect your teenager’s privacy, but take interest in his or her friends and activities.

Tip of the Day February 26

Write a thank you note with your child to a teacher, coach, or youth leader for being an important adult in his or her life.

Tip of the Day February 25

Eliminate pessimistic phrases from your family vocabulary. Replace “It won’t work” with “Why not try it?” Instead of “You can’t do that by yourself,” try “I can help you do that, if you’d like.”

Tip of the Day February 24

Intentionally start conversations with your kids about honesty, friendships, giving to others, and making tough decisions so that you can hear how their values are taking shape.

Tip of the Day February 23

Realize that in order to learn from mistakes, children have to make mistakes. Don’t blow up when they make a poor choice. Don’t rescue them from natural consequences.

Tip of the Day February 22

Help your children understand the difference between what we can and can’t control. For example, we can control what we say and do; we can’t control what other people say and do.

Tip of the Day February 21

Teach your children that kids who pressure them to do things they know they shouldn’t do are not true friends at all. Talk about times when you had to let go of a friendship that wasn’t helpful to you.

Tip of the Day February 20

Allow your child to express their opinions on various subjects, even (or especially) if they differ from yours. Kids feel supported when they know you value their opinions.

Tip of the Day February 19

Challenge yourself and your family members to find something new and interesting to try together if you find yourselves sitting around or watching television too often. How about arts and crafts? Sports? Playing instruments?