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Tip of the Day September 17

Don’t let anyone in your family (including you) watch too much television. Encourage your children to spend their time doing interesting and meaningful activities—some with you, some with their friends, some by themselves.

Tip of the Day September 16

If you tell your child there will be a specific consequence for a certain behavior, be prepared to follow through. Empty threats will teach your child that you “don’t really mean it” when you set boundaries.

Tip of the Day September 15

Help your child set daily homework goals and suggest a comfortable location where studying will be easier.

Tip of the Day September 14

Involve your children in decisions about family spiritual activities.

Tip of the Day September 13

Make sure your child isn’t over- or under-scheduled. Your child also needs downtime at home, as well as time with you.

Tip of the Day September 12

Help your kids to set healthy boundaries so that when someone pressures them to do something against their values and beliefs, they’re more likely to say no.

Tip of the Day September 11

Be low-key when you’re around kids. Kids tend to gravitate toward calm adults who listen to them.

Tip of the Day September 10

Help your child find ways to learn more about a subject that really interests her or him. For example, you might invite an animal lover to watch a documentary about a favorite animal or visit a local veterinarian.

Tip of the Day September 9

When your children are excited about something, share their excitement.

Tip of the Day September 8

Encourage your children to evaluate friends and heroes in terms of their positive or negative influence.