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Tip of the Day November 4

Monitor your teen’s stance on responsibility. Some teenagers become overly responsible and rarely make time to relax and have fun, while others run at the mention of the word. Share your observations with your teenager, and help them to develop a more balanced life around responsibilities.

Tip of the Day November 3

Avoid comparing your children with each other or other young people.

Tip of the Day November 2

Remember that lessons in responsibility always start with you! If your child hears you saying one thing and then doing the opposite, your kids will be more likely to follow your example rather than follow your command.

Tip of the Day November 1

If you have an election to vote in this coming Tuesday, take your kids with you to the polls. Most polling places enjoy having kids come, and many make them feel right at home, even though they’re not old enough to vote.

Tip of the Day October 31

Take your kids trick or treating in your neighborhood. Halloween is one of the few holidays when it’s socially acceptable to go to your neighbor’s door. Get to know your neighbors as you go door to door.

Tip of the Day October 30

Follow your child’s lead on Halloween. If he or she wants to go trick-or-treating, find a safe way for this to happen. If your child isn’t interested in Halloween, don’t make a big deal of it.

Tip of the Day October 29

If your daughter is being bullied, acknowledge her pain, but try not to take a “those horrible girls/my poor baby” approach. Instead, talk with her about other hard things she’s worked through in her life and focus on the skills she used to meet and overcome those challenges.

Tip of the Day October 28

Develop family habits that your children will likely carry over into their adult lives—things like an annual household spring cleaning, exercising together, or starting meals with a check-in conversation about how everyone is doing.

Tip of the Day October 27

Stay informed of your teens’ progress in school, homework, and other assignments. Help them break down larger tasks into manageable goals and objectives.

Tip of the Day October 26

Fill your home with messages about the value of making mistakes, learning from them, and then letting them go and moving on.