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Tip of the Day, Jun. 21

Talk with your kids about real-life stuff like drugs, alcohol, and sexuality. Let them know your values and expectations.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 18

Kids need to figure out for themselves their place in the world. Putting safety first, let them experiment with different styles, attitudes, and interests.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 17

Is your home a retreat? A place your family turns to for comfort? If not, ask your family what will make your house “homier.”

Tip of the Day, Jun. 16

Do your best as a parent, but don’t expect perfection. Your kids aren’t perfect either, but you can focus on the good in them.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 15

What are you teaching your kids about what’s valuable and how they can contribute to the world?

Tip of the Day, Jun. 14

Remind your children that they need to treat you with respect, such as saying please and thank you, and acknowledging your presence.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 11

Avoid glamorizing your accomplishments as a youth. Doing so might put undo pressure on your kids to feel like they have to measure up to unrealistic standards.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 10

The next time you or your child is feeling miserable at bedtime, remind yourselves that tomorrow is a brand-new, different day.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 9

Reading together is important. Choose one hour a week to be family reading time.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 8

Rather than always helping your kids solve problems, teach them skills to know what and how they can change, and what they must just accept.