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Tip of the Day, Dec. 4

Take care of yourself! It’s not selfish; it’s critical. If you don’t love and appreciate yourself it’s a lot harder to love and appreciate others.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 3

Don’t try to remove all suffering from your kids’ lives; it isn’t possible and it’s not good for them. Help them find meaning and benefit in the hardships they encounter.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 2

Bring your kids together with their grandparents or surrogate grandparents for an outing, meal, or other activity. Both generations will benefit from the time together.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 27

As a parent, you juggle ways to use your time. Remember that you will never regret time spent with your kids.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 26

When your children talk to you, stop what you are doing, look at them, and really try to hear what they are saying.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 25

The next time you have a family project (such as cleaning your house), turn it into a game. Play music and have a contest or race.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 24

Let your children know that their roots make them strong. People from modest backgrounds can end up leading high-powered lives, just as anyone can live simply.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 23

Children actually listen to their parents. Start conversations about sex early so they are not seen as a “big deal.” Libraries and bookstores are great places to get accurate information.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 20

This week, play with your kids, whether they are tiny babies or almost-adult teens. Let go of thinking you have to act a certain way because you are a certain age.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 19

Think back to when you were the ages your children are now. How did things look, feel, smell, and sound? Try to empathize with what they may be going through by tapping into your own memories.