Previous Tips of the Day

Tip of the Day, Apr. 30

The next time you have the urge to express your frustration through words, try a well-timed silence instead.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 29

If your child is having trouble in school, ask questions to get to the root of the problem. Is your child being bullied? Can he or she keep up in the classroom? Talk to your child’s teachers or counselors.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 28

When you see something that’s wrong, do something about it. If you can, ask your child to help you.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 27

As a family, do one new thing this week…something at least one of you has never done before.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 26

Don’t always bail your child out of trouble. Help her or him learn from mistakes.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 23

Plan a small celebration of each person in your family . . . just for being who they are.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 22

Think your child gets too angry, too easily? Talk to a counselor, clergy person, psychologist, or other professional. It rarely hurts to ask for advice.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 21

Make it a point to play with a child today.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 20

Always ask where your kids are going, with whom, and when they’ll be home.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 19

Pick out one unique or positive thing about each of your children that you think you have never complemented them on, and let them know that you appreciate it.