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Tip of the Day, Aug. 11

Tell your children about a time when you really messed up and learned from it.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 10

Stock your bookshelves with inspiring books about heroes who have made a difference with their lives.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 9

Encourage your children to accept their friends just the way they are, and to tell them so.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 6

Together with your kids make an effort to learn about the ideals and principles of a group with whom you disagree.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 5

All siblings experience rivalry. If it gets particularly bad, ask a librarian to recommend a practical book on the issue. There are plenty out there.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 4

Teach your children about nonviolent resistance by reading about Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Ghandi, and other nonviolent leaders.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 3

The next time you say no to a child’s request, first spend time really listening to her or his reasons for wanting whatever it is.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 2

Talk with your children about different beliefs and their thoughts, questions, and doubts. Compare beliefs and superstitions you know of.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 30

Never let your child use a characteristic beyond their control as an excuse for not doing their very best.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 29

You will always seem old to your kids, but that doesn’t mean you are old.