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Tip of the Day, Nov. 18

You can’t always control what your kids say in public. Teach and model the kind of manners and behavior you expect from them, regardless of who is around.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 17

Kids of all ages need to experience their own authority and influence. When “choosing your battles,” keep in mind that being a little flexible here and there is a good thing.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 16

Sometimes our kids do things that scare us. That’s just how it is. There are some risks kids need to take, but parents need to set limits. Practice reading your own gut reaction to determine whether your fear in a particular situation is warranted.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 13

A note under your child’s pillow or in their lunch bag is a great way to show your love for your kids.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 12

The next time your child has a problem or concern that seems overwhelming, help make a plan for dealing with it. Include small steps and estimates of how long each might take. Remind your child that each step is leading to a good end result.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 11

Be intentional about focusing more on the things you do with your children and less on the things you have.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 10

It’s important to sometimes “escape” your responsibilities. Find a time soon to indulge in time alone or with your partner. It will refresh you so your time with your children is more rewarding.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 9

Instead of being frustrated because your child has a trait you don’t have, remind yourself that the characteristic is special and unique—just like your child.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 6

Write down five things you liked about how your parents raised you, and five things you’d like to do differently. Rip up the first list, and keep the second one in a special place.

Tip of the Day, Nov. 5

As a family, talk about how you hope your lives will be in six months, a year, five years, ten years. This helps teach your child that a vision is the first step of a plan.