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Tip of the Day, May 21

Model healthy, supportive friendships for your children.

Tip of the Day, May 20

Do something that helps you grow—take a class, learn a new skill, tackle a challenge. Share your progress with your family.

Tip of the Day, May 19

Ask your children what they think is special and unique about themselves. And then tell them what you think.

Tip of the Day, May 18

When you feel overwhelmed by the role you play as a parent, remember that you’re not alone in raising your children—they need other caring adults and relatives, too.

Tip of the Day, May 17

Teach your kids that everybody has personal values, even though others’ may be different from their own.

Tip of the Day, May 14

At your next family meal, go around the table, each sharing one challenge and one accomplishment of pride.

Tip of the Day, May 13

Teach your kids to tackle each day, and each problem, one at a time.

Tip of the Day, May 12

Encourage your children to take one small step toward changing something they’d like to do differently.

Tip of the Day, May 10

With your kids, learn some relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, or stretching.

Tip of the Day, May 7

Help your children think of their “failures” as learning experiences.