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Tip of the Day, Nov. 3

Go along with one of the big dreams your kids have. You never know what might happen . . .

Tip of the Day, Nov. 2

Play lovely music at your next family meal.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 30

When you make a mistake or mess something up, talk to your kids about it. Let them know that everybody makes mistakes sometimes, and what’s important is how you deal with the consequences.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 29

The next time your child talks with you, look her or him directly in the eye and pay close attention to the words you hear and the hidden messages you sense.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 28

Let your children see you cry when you are sad. It will help them know that their own emotions are normal and healthy.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 27

Bring your children to an interactive science museum or to a group class at your local library.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 26

Help your child learn one new life skill this week by asking her or him to work with you on a task or project.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 23

Make a list of five reasons that your kids are lucky to be part of your family. Don’t show it to them; just keep it as a reminder for a day when you need a little boost in your confidence.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 22

Find one small way that you and your child can reach out to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Tip of the Day, Oct. 21

Be realistic with your kids, rather than promising the moon. What they want and need most is your love, support, guidance, and belief in them.