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Tip of the Day, Mar. 29

Find a place in your community where you and your child can volunteer together.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 26

Invite your children’s friends to your home for a meal, game night, cookie-baking party, or other kid-friendly event. Don’t worry about the size, shape, or state of your home; your welcoming attitude is what will matter to them.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 25

Always encourage your child to keep trying when he or she feels like a failure. Even disappointments can help children learn a lot about how to achieve their goals.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 24

Spend time with your child in or near a natural environment such as a garden, hiking trail, lake, river, or mountain. Take time to notice and talk about the things you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 23

Write your child a note expressing your love and your belief in her or his ability to overcome a problem, take on a specific challenge, or accomplish a dream.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 22

Promote peace in your household by reminding your child that it starts with each one of us. Teach problem solving and getting along with others early in life.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 19

The next time your child seems inspired by a teacher or a subject in school, write that teacher a note or e-mail to say thanks for helping your child learn and develop.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 18

Help your children learn to value learning by supporting their schoolwork, having lots of books around your home, going to parent-teacher conferences, and talking in upbeat ways about how great it is that they are learning so much.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 17

We live in a rush-rush society, and our kids sometimes need us at the “worst times.” Within reason, put your parenting first and do what’s right for your family, then worry about the rest of the world.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 16

Make sure that each child in your family has regular responsibilities around the home. Increase this as they mature so that they grow up knowing they are competent and capable.