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Tip of the Day, Aug. 18

Limit your kids’ exposure to marketing by limiting their screen time. When they do watch, talk about the promotions and other ads they see.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 17

Practice communicating with your kids. If you don’t know how, start with a “question of the day” that you discuss with each family member.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 16

Engage your kids in helping keep your home a healthy, safe place to be. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly, and have an escape plan in case of fire.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 13

Focus your energy on achieving your own goals and hopes for your family, without worrying about what others are doing.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 12

Help your kids role play standing up to friends who pressure them to do things they don’t want to do.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 11

Tell your children about a time when you really messed up and learned from it.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 10

Stock your bookshelves with inspiring books about heroes who have made a difference with their lives.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 9

Encourage your children to accept their friends just the way they are, and to tell them so.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 6

Together with your kids make an effort to learn about the ideals and principles of a group with whom you disagree.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 5

All siblings experience rivalry. If it gets particularly bad, ask a librarian to recommend a practical book on the issue. There are plenty out there.