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Tip of the Day, Jan. 5

Set boundaries that give leeway for kids to safely test their own power and limits. Have consequences that are not so tough that they scare or bully a child into the behavior you want to see.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 6

Try to accept that children will change, and they will do so at their own pace. Don’t wish your way out of one phase, or approach another with fear and dread.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 4

Try for several days in a row to intentionally respond to every single question your children ask you. You may be amazed at their insight!

Tip of the Day, Dec. 30

To send forth strong children, parents need to be strong. Make time for personal renewal—look for everyday beauty, chat with a friend, or put on your favorite music.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 29

Visit a library with your children and ask at the reference desk for three great children’s books. Find a comfy spot and read them aloud together.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 28

Resist the temptation to prevent your child from experiencing a failure or mistake. As long as your child won’t be hurt, step back and watch the learning process unfold—this is important for you both.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 23

After an issue, talk to your child about the challenges of building a strong family. Talk about ways to get through the difficult times together.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 22

Parenting children of any age is a relationship stressor. Be good to your partner and yourself. If your relationship isn’t as strong as it could be, talk about it. Kids need a healthy parenting team.

Tip of the Day, Dec. 21

Have you ever asked your children what they feel is an appropriate consequence for problem behavior?

Tip of the Day, Dec. 18

Scout for one new resource on parenting. As you read, try to find at least one new important insight that you can put into practice right away.