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Tip of the Day, Jul. 19

As a family, make a list of goals or a vision statement for how you want to be.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 16

Do something this week to help out another parent.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 15

Young people are changing much more rapidly than their parents. Remember this and know that it will cause growing pains that will eventually change as well.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 14

Talk with your child about their own personal power and how they can be a positive influence on their friends, their classroom, their family members.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 13

Scouts and other youth groups are great places for young people to build strong, supportive relationships. Explore youth group opportunities.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 12

Babies are born trusting in the love of their caregivers. As they grow older, children sometimes need reminders. Give your children some sort of token—a note, perhaps—of your deep love.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 9

Start thanking your kids right away when they do things you appreciate. Even little things.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 8

Tell and show your kids how much you love and care for them by spending time together, asking their opinions, and setting boundaries.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 7

Build your kids up by acknowledging their unique skills and strengths without comparing them with anyone else.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 6

Make it a family practice to count to at least 10 whenever you feel like shouting or using angry, hurtful words.