Previous Tips of the Day

Tip of the Day, Mar. 12

Listen for times when you can acknowledge your child being kind toward another person, doing a great job, or making the best of a situation.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 11

Give your kids one new, reasonable responsibility this week.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 10

Find stories to read together—such as biographies of Anne Frank, Helen Keller, or another person who kept their spirits lifted despite tremendous hardship—that give you opportunities to talk about focusing on life’s positives.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 9

At your next family meal, ask each person to share one hope or dream they have for the future. Talk about how you might as a family help make those dreams come true.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 8

The next time you notice that your child is feeling really down, ask her or him to do a task with you. Keeping busy together is a great way to strike up fun, distracting topics of conversation.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 5

Find a way to “warm up” your relationship with your child, whether it’s sitting around a fire telling stories, snuggling under a blanket while watching a movie, or having a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 4

Choose one lesson or value you want to promote for your child (such as helping others). This week, model it whenever possible.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 3

Pick one thing that you’ve never done but have always wanted to try, and then do it with your child.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 2

Tell your children today how very special and important they are to you.

Tip of the Day, Mar. 1

Never just tell your children how to resolve a situation. Talk, listen, offer insight, and help guide them toward an answer.