Previous Tips of the Day

Tip of the Day, Jan. 18

If you sense your child is stressed, let her or him know that you will talk about it and listen without judgment.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 15

Have family fun with metaphors: what kind of animal would each member would be? Kind of car? What kind of food?

Tip of the Day, Jan. 14

Be proud of your family, and let your kids know you feel that way.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 13

Children will always challenge limits. Talk about why you set rules on movies, games, and curfews. To help with compliance, share your expectations with the parents of their friends.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 12

Regardless of negative feelings or opinions you may have about your child’s school, keep your concerns to yourself or between you and the school staff.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 11

Do one thing this week to create a strong sense of family unity, such as creating a work of art, holding a family meeting, or going on an outing together.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 8

Try not to compare your children to anyone else “their age.” They do enough of that on their own!

Tip of the Day, Jan. 7

Be brave and admit to your kids when you are wrong—then move on. And remember to move on after they apologize to you for something they have done.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 6

Encourage your trusted friends and neighbors to get to know your kids.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 5

Set boundaries that give leeway for kids to safely test their own power and limits. Have consequences that are not so tough that they scare or bully a child into the behavior you want to see.