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Tip of the Day Oct. 19

Ask your child which friends attend a religious congregation. Talk about why spirituality matters to certain families.

Tip of the Day Oct. 22

Attend a cultural event. Become more familiar with people of different backgrounds.

Tip of the Day Oct. 18

Encourage your child to slow down with his or her homework. If your child doesn’t have homework, learn something together.

Tip of the Day Oct. 17

Notice what your child’s friends are doing right. Talk about the good ways friends influence each other.

Tip of the Day Oct. 16

Find out what your child looks forward to the most about getting older.

Tip of the Day Oct. 15

As a family, show your care for others. Send an email (or e-greeting) to a friend. Call up grandma or grandpa.

Tip of the Day Oct. 14

Find ways for every family member to help out with tasks around your home.

Tip of the Day Oct. 13

Ask your child about his or her day. Find out the worst thing that happened—and the best.

Tip of the Day Oct. 12

Be spontaneous. Do something different as a family. Take a walk and do part of it backward, sideways—or by zigzagging or skipping.

Tip of the Day Oct 11

Talk about the transitions your family is going through. Discuss how everyone is dealing with the changes.