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Tip of the Day, Feb. 4

At your next family meal, ask each person to say one positive thing that the other members contribute to your family.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 3

Show your kids how important family is by calling extended relatives to let them know how special they are to you and your kids.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 2

Together with your kids, do something for someone else, whether it’s making a financial contribution, baking cookies, or helping someone out.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 1

Make home the safest of places. Listen a lot. Laugh a lot. Hug a lot.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 29

Have a friend take an informal family portrait. Put it in a frame and display it in your home.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 28

Take an older relative and a younger one out for lunch.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 27

Celebrate or acknowledge in another significant way a change that has occurred in your family in the last year, from graduations to new cousins.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 26

The next time you and your parenting partner have a conflict, offer a compromise that you’re willing to make.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 25

Remember to ask your child for her or his opinion when you are planning events or outings. Then really listen.

Tip of the Day, Jan. 22

Think of some of your family jokes or funny memories. When you have a chance, bring one of them up in a conversation with your children.