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Tip of the Day, Feb. 23

Encourage your child to try something new and challenging this week. Or to retry something that has been difficult in the past.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 22

Practice letting your kids have extra freedom in safe situations. You might be amazed at their competence.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 19

Share your parenting worries with other parents. Having support will benefit both you and your children.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 18

The more positive adult relationships your kids have, the better. Encourage adults you like to get to know your kids.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 17

Give each of your kids a hug today, even if they’re really big kids.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 16

Raising strong children requires boundaries. Learn to say no to your kids when their actions are unsafe, disrespectful, or otherwise out-of-bounds.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 15

Call your kids on their sassiness; let them know they need to show respect in order to get respect.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 12

The old quote “This too shall pass” is a handy parenting tool! Kids grow in stages.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 11

The next time you feel out of control with your kids, stop, breathe, and be silenct for a moment. See how long it takes for them to notice and help fix the situation.

Tip of the Day, Feb. 10

Draw a simple time line of the significant events in your children’s lives. Admire for a moment how much has happened and all that you’ve done for them.