Previous Tips of the Day

Tip of the Day, Sept. 16

Ask your child what makes a practice session successful, and reinforce the bigger life lesson of “practice.”

Tip of the Day, Sept. 15

Are your children reluctant to exercise? Take walks with them or help them find exercise buddies.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 14

Name something you care about, and something you recently shared. Ask your children to name their “cares” and “shares” as well.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 11

Share with your children one of your most powerful desires, dreams, or visions. Then ask them to tell you about theirs.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 10

There is a big difference between positive discipline and negative punishment. In the next few days talk with your kids about what you expect from them, and make sure you talk to them each time expectations change.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 9

Talk with your kids about how and why they need to speak up for themselves and resist those who encourage them to try unsafe behaviors. Practice what to do in difficult situations.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 8

No matter what their ages, your kids want to know that you notice their accomplishments and are excited with them. Today, make sure you acknowledge at least one cool thing your child says, does, or experiences.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 7

No one likes to feel small. This week give your child one extra compliment, responsibility, or opportunity that shows you recognize that he or she is growing up.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 4

When you hear your children arguing, talk to them about the value of compromise and finding win-win solutions. If it helps, use examples from favorite movies, books, or TV shows.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 3

Over the next few days, pay close attention to your actions. What messages are they sending to your kids?