Previous Tips of the Day

Tip of the Day, Sept. 24

Let all kids, even teenagers, take time once in a while to just be kids and enjoy a little adventure.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 23

Remember to be cautious about saying harsh things about anyone around your kids. They listen well and will start to repeat what they hear.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 22

Join one of your children in an activity for which you think you might be “too old.”

Tip of the Day, Sept. 21

Ask your children where they see them themselves in three years—and remember to ask them again next year!

Tip of the Day, Sept. 18

Whenever your children are honest about something they’ve done of which you don’t approve, be sure to praise them for their honesty before enforcing consequences for their actions.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 17

Ask family members to each list three words that describe each of the other family members. Share your lists over a bowl of popcorn.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 16

Ask your child what makes a practice session successful, and reinforce the bigger life lesson of “practice.”

Tip of the Day, Sept. 15

Are your children reluctant to exercise? Take walks with them or help them find exercise buddies.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 14

Name something you care about, and something you recently shared. Ask your children to name their “cares” and “shares” as well.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 11

Share with your children one of your most powerful desires, dreams, or visions. Then ask them to tell you about theirs.