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Tip of the Day, Apr. 23

Plan a small celebration of each person in your family . . . just for being who they are.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 22

Think your child gets too angry, too easily? Talk to a counselor, clergy person, psychologist, or other professional. It rarely hurts to ask for advice.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 21

Make it a point to play with a child today.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 20

Always ask where your kids are going, with whom, and when they’ll be home.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 19

Pick out one unique or positive thing about each of your children that you think you have never complemented them on, and let them know that you appreciate it.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 16

Sometimes kids just need to work out things that are going on inside them. If they are fretting or upset about something that you can’t help them solve, try just going with the flow and seeing what happens.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 15

Celebrate your and your children’s “mistakes” as great learning opportunities.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 14

When your kids have friendship troubles, let them know that at times the best thing to do is step back for a while and let things settle.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 13

Be your kids’ hero by always doing what you think is right and best, even when it’s very, very hard to do.

Tip of the Day, Apr. 12

Do something to help your own peace of mind: read a soothing book, pray or meditate, exercise, knit—do whatever works for you.