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Tip of the Day Oct 11

Talk about the transitions your family is going through. Discuss how everyone is dealing with the changes.

Tip of the Day Oct. 10

Cook a healthy meal with your family. Then enjoy the meal together.

Tip of the Day Oct 9

Work together with kids to make the environment better. Recycle. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. Walk more. Drive less.

Tip of the Day Oct 8

Be honest with kids. They know when you’re stretching the truth.

Tip of the Day Oct. 7

Get to know the friends of your kids. Learn their names. Find out what their interests are.

Tip of the Day Oct. 6

Talk about why kids should not use alcohol, smoke, or use drugs.

Tip of the Day Oct. 5

Attend a youth sports game, concert, or other youth activity. Cheer on the kids that you know.

TIp of the Day Oct. 4

Learn the names of the kids in your neighborhood. Say hi to them when you see them.

Tip of the Day Oct. 3

Tell a young person about a subject (or topic) that gets you excited. Explain why it matters to you.

Tip of the Day Oct. 2

Stay home as a family. Do something fun together, such as play a board game or a card game.