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Tip of the Day November 5

If you get the feeling that one of your child’s friends could be having a bad influence, invite the friend to spend time with you and your child together so you can have a positive influence on the relationship.

Tip of the Day November 4

Know that teaching kids responsibility takes a long time. Don’t expect sudden miracles. Continue to talk and teach about responsibility as your child grows.

Tip of the Day November 3

Give kids the chance to tell the truth. Instead of accusing, ask: Do you think it might be hard for me to believe what you just told me?

Tip of the Day November 2

Don’t expect all of your children’s learning to happen in school. Keep stretching their minds with stories, games, and activities that deepen their thinking.

Tip of the Day November 1

Your beliefs about your children’s competence affect their confidence and ability to learn.

Tip of the Day October 31

Ask your teenager if he or she wants to help hand out candy on Halloween. Some teenagers enjoy doing this, and it’s a fun way to spend time together.

Tip of the Day October 30

Take your kids trick-or-treating in your neighborhood on Halloween. This is one of the few holidays that encourages you to connect with your neighbors.

Tip of the Day October 29

Stay with your children when they’re afraid.

Tip of the Day October 28

Establish routines that simplify the whole family’s “comings and goings.” This may include a specific homework time; a consistent, soothing bedtime routine; preparing lunches the night before; and eating breakfast together to kick off the day.

Tip of the Day October 27

Ask your child what they would like to do this weekend that would cost little or no money. Then, do it!