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Tip of the Day November 11

Actively honor Veteran’s Day with your family by attending a parade, making cards for veterans, or hanging the flag. Discuss why you recognize the holiday with your kids.

Tip of the Day November 10

When you and your child disagree, do or say something to show that you still care.

Tip of the Day November 9

While schoolwork and other commitments need to be a priority, help your teen make time to enjoy their sparks. Model this by finding time to pursue your spark as well.

Tip of the Day November 8

Don’t expect all of your children’s learning to happen in school. Keep stretching their minds with stories, games, and activities that deepen their thinking.

Tip of the Day November 7

Talk with your children about the values you see portrayed on television, in movies, and in other media.

Tip of the Day November 6

Set aside one or two nights each week when all family members commit to not scheduling activities outside of the home.

Tip of the Day November 5

Make Election Day a family day by watching the polling results together and listening to what election forecasters have to say. Find a media source that you respect and pay attention to it.

Tip of the Day November 4

Monitor your teen’s stance on responsibility. Some teenagers become overly responsible and rarely make time to relax and have fun, while others run at the mention of the word. Share your observations with your teenager, and help them to develop a more balanced life around responsibilities.

Tip of the Day November 3

Avoid comparing your children with each other or other young people.

Tip of the Day November 2

Remember that lessons in responsibility always start with you! If your child hears you saying one thing and then doing the opposite, your kids will be more likely to follow your example rather than follow your command.