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Tip of the Day, Jun. 29

Don’t expect perfection from yourself, your parenting partner, or your kids.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 28

Make it a policy to never speak poorly of others in your home.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 25

Rather than jumping to a yes or no when posed a dilemma or request by your children, be okay with saying “I need to think about that, so I will answer you later.”

Tip of the Day, Jun. 24

The next time one of your kids lashes out at you, don’t lash back. Say that the matter can be discussed later, when everyone has calmed.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 23

Always affirm your kids’ value and worth, especially when they goof up or don’t achieve a goal they’ve pursued.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 22

You learn something every single time you feel like you blew it as a parent. Start keeping a journal to remind yourself of these “profits.”

Tip of the Day, Jun. 21

Talk with your kids about real-life stuff like drugs, alcohol, and sexuality. Let them know your values and expectations.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 18

Kids need to figure out for themselves their place in the world. Putting safety first, let them experiment with different styles, attitudes, and interests.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 17

Is your home a retreat? A place your family turns to for comfort? If not, ask your family what will make your house “homier.”

Tip of the Day, Jun. 16

Do your best as a parent, but don’t expect perfection. Your kids aren’t perfect either, but you can focus on the good in them.