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Tip of the Day, Jun. 7

Recognize and respect that parents show their love for children in different ways.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 4

The next time your child lashes out at you, try responding with love rather than anger, such as, “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way right now. I love you, but it’s not okay to act this way.”

Tip of the Day, Jun. 3

Think of a tradition you want to start, revive, or preserve in your family. Make a short list of things you can do to accomplish this goal.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 2

Don’t try to always treat your kids exactly the same. Instead, honor their unique and positive differences.

Tip of the Day, Jun. 1

When you’re struggling with how to handle a situation involving your child, ask for his or her input.

Tip of the Day, May 31

Help your children—at every age—find positive outlets for their creative energy. This might include classes, crafts, physical activities, drama, or other activities.

Tip of the Day, May 28

Get to know your kids’ teachers so you can act as partners in educating your family.

Tip of the Day, May 27

Practice being patient when it’s relatively easy, so you’ll be better at it when it’s harder.

Tip of the Day, May 26

When your kids seem to get particularly antsy, give them some undivided love and attention and see what happens.

Tip of the Day, May 25

Letting your kids be responsible for their own outcomes (even if they’re not necessarily what we want) is challenging, but remember that empowerment is important.