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Tip of the Day Sept. 30

Become the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Tip of the Day Sept. 22

Volunteer with a young person in a way that matters. Plant bulbs in the fall. Bake cookies for someone who is sick.

Tip of the Day Sept. 21

Notice when kids do the right thing. Tell kids that you’re proud of them.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 20

Stand up for young people who don’t have the same rights (or access) as other kids.

Tip of the Day, September 17

Learn the rules your child’s school has. Create consistent rules between home and school.

Tip of the Day, Sept. 4

When kids fight, intervene. Encourage them to cool down and then talk about why they’re upset.

Tip of the Day Aug.31

Invite a young person to do an activity with you, such as baking, gardening, or shooting hoops.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 30

Children can be terrified of conversing with adults. Help them practice by including them in conversations with your adult friends and family members.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 27

Talk with other parents of kids your kids’ age. Compare notes, styles. And recognize that everyone does things a little different and that’s okay.

Tip of the Day, Aug. 26

Tell your kids you love them.