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Tip of the Day Nov. 11

Create ways for siblings to get along. Build Lego® creations. Develop towers out of blocks. Play together.

Tip of the Day Nov. 10

If you work, put up family photos and artwork that your kids make.

Tip of the Day Nov. 9

Notice when a family member withdraws. Give the person space—but work to keep them connected and supported.

Tip of the Day Nov. 8

When kids sell something, consider buying it. Support their causes.

Tip of the Day Nov. 7

Talk about current events with your kids. Explain why current events matter.

Tip of the Day Nov. 6

Make sure your child is safe in your neighborhood. Find the McGruff House (or apartment) nearest you.

Tip of the Day Nov. 5

Encourage your child to admit mistakes. When you make mistakes, do the same.

Tip of the Day Nov. 1

Emphasize the parts of learning that help your child to be motivated to do well in school. If your child wilts at memorizing, find another way to help your child learn the information in a fun way.

Tip of the Day Oct. 29

Become the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Tip of the Day Oct. 28

Encourage your child to find adults at school who they care about. Teachers. Librarians. Cooks. Aides. Volunteers. School bus drivers. They’re out there.