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Tip of the Day November 15

Teach your children how to care for special things—such as toys, books, or plants—by themselves.

Tip of the Day November 14

Emphasize participation in sports and activities more than competition.

Tip of the Day November 13

Be honest when you lose your temper. All parents do sometimes. It’s good for kids to see that adults aren’t always perfect.

Tip of the Day November 12

Know that teaching a child to resolve conflicts peacefully takes a long time. Kids need to practice, and they need to practice often. Keep reminding them what to do when they’re upset and want to fight.

Tip of the Day November 11

Actively honor Veteran’s Day with your family by attending a parade, making cards for veterans, or hanging the flag. Discuss why you recognize the holiday with your kids.

Tip of the Day November 10

Look for fun moments! Many experts emphasize finding “teachable moments,” but don’t overlook the fun ones in the process.

Tip of the Day November 9

Talk about how bad things happen to people. Every person, at some point in life, will struggle with a difficult situation. What matters is how you react and work through the difficulty.

Tip of the Day November 8

Be clear about what’s really funny and what’s not. As kids develop a sense of humor, they’ll push the boundaries. Be clear about what’s inappropriate and why.

Tip of the Day November 7

Encourage your kids to walk in another’s shoes.

Tip of the Day November 6

Whenever possible, attend school events. Ask your child to introduce you to her friends. Show that you’re interested in getting to know them.