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Tip of the Day November 24

As a family, talk about what you like and dislike about Thanksgiving. Your kids may surprise you: some really enjoy annual traditions while others get bored with them.

Tip of the Day November 23

Plan a holiday shopping event in your home or community center. Ask adult volunteers to collect or donate inexpensive gifts, paper, tags, and bows so children can select gifts and wrap them for family members.

Tip of the Day November 22

Regularly express your caring—verbally and nonverbally—to your children.

Tip of the Day November 21

Distract your children from inappropriate behavior by drawing attention to how you want them to act.

Tip of the Day November 20

Maintain a positive attitude about education. Don’t reinforce negative attitudes about the value of education by asking questions such as, “Won’t you be glad when school is out?”

Tip of the Day November 19

Give children opportunities to plan and to lead some family activities.

Tip of the Day November 18

Thank a teacher, principal, custodian, substitute, or other school staff person for her or his efforts.

Tip of the Day November 17

Ask your children to read to you as they learn to read. Show them that you are excited about their reading.

Tip of the Day November 16

Teach your children how to care for special things, such as toys, books, or plants, by themselves.

Tip of the Day November 15

Your beliefs about your children’s competence affect their confidence and ability to learn. Learn more in our webinar on Tuesday >>